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FMA: Yoki/Ed "Drinks"
Title: Drinks
Pairing: Yoki/Ed
Rating: R
Warnings: slight spoilers for early series, slight sexual content
Summary: "Would you like a drink?"


“Would you like a drink?”

Edward Elric’s smile froze on his face.  Impossibly, he thought he heard his brother choke behind him.  Choking would involve a throat and some lungs, and Alphonse had had neither for years now.

Of course, that was no more incredible than this.

“What do you have?” Edward asked sweetly, matching Lieutenant Yoki’s coy smile with his own.  Now he definitely heard Alphonse choking behind him.

Yoki tittered, a high, annoying sound that grated on Edward’s nerves.  Edward’s eyes glittered.  So far, the meeting had been a success.  Yoki had walked neatly into his trap, his bodyguards just as stupid and greedy as him.  When Yoki had dismissed his guards, Edward had suspected something but not this.

Ooooh, he would enjoy destroying this man.

“I keep something special in my desk,” Yoki purred, and Edward resisted a laugh.  Whoo, boy.  “We could talk over a glass or two.”

Talk.  Right.  Edward allowed his smile to widen.

Alphonse’s large hand clanked on Edward’s automail shoulder.  “Brother,” Alphonse hissed.  Edward tilted his head to one side, showing his little brother that he was listening.  “You aren’t seriously thinking—”

Turning his head so Yoki couldn’t see the expression on his face, Edward offered Al a fanged smile.  Even through the armor, Edward could see his brother’s beautiful face scrunched up in a worried frown.  He softened.  “Don’t worry, Al,” he said softly.  “The deed’s in my pocket.  His signature’s on the paper.  We got this guy by the balls!”

“It’s your balls I’m worried about!” Alphonse snapped.  Edward gaped at him.

“Alphonse!” he hissed.  Language!

If it was possible for a suit of armor to roll its eyes, then Alphonse Elric did it then.

“Is there something wrong, gentlemen?”  There was a note of nervousness in Yoki’s voice.  Whirling around, Edward smiled charmingly at him, eyes glinting like a cat’s.

“Nothing,” the short blond cooed.  “My little brother was just leaving.”  He flashed his teeth.  “He’s a little too young to . . . drink.”

Yoki laughed, and Edward tossed a grin over his shoulder, all the while making shooing motions.  He felt Alphonse’s glare, but that only increased the brightness of his smile.

“I’m staying right outside the door,” Alphonse whispered warningly.  “If I hear anything—anything—I’m running back in.”

Edward’s sharp grin didn’t waver, and with a low growl, Alphonse walked to the door.  When Yoki yelled a cheerful good-bye, Alphonse visibly tensed.  However, his voice remained polite as ever when he answered.  Then the door was shut behind him, and the pair was alone.

“Let’s have a drink.”

“Do you want to stay for a drink?”

“You look thirsty.  Why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the sofa, and I’ll get you a drink.”

Yoki didn’t recognize the ominous glitter in Edward’s eyes as the blond sauntered towards him, a careless sway in his hips.  Edward felt a thrill go up his spine at the hunger in Yoki’s eyes: hunger for power, hunger for Edward’s body.  Edward let the tip of his tongue slip out, watching Yoki trace the motion.  Deliberately, he traced his lips.  Yoki nearly fell out of his chair.

“You look thirsty, Lieutenant,” Edward commented, walking around the desk.  He smiled, studying Yoki’s face as it grew flushed and sweaty.  He could see Yoki’s pulse beat against his neck.

Was this why they always did this to him?  Not out of lust but sheer masculine gratification, knowing you could so easily dominate someone?

But unlike every other time, when he had to hide behind Alphonse’s massive bulk like a frightened child, he held the power now.

Holding Yoki’s dilated eyes, Edward hauled himself onto Yoki’s desk.  “You don’t mind me sitting here, do you?” he inquired, gracefully crossing his flesh leg over his metal one.  At the same time, he slipped out his watch and began to lazily swing it.

“N-no.”  Yoki cleared his throat.  “No.  Of course not.”

If one didn’t look closely, one might have said Edward’s smile sweetened.  “I didn’t think so.”  He leaned back, resting most of his weight on one hand.  The other never stopped swinging his watch.  A lock of hair fell over Edward’s face.

Yoki swallowed, but Edward could see him regaining his equilibrium.  The slyness had returned to the older man’s smile.  “You haven’t been here too long but surely you’ve noticed the horrendous conditions to which I’ve been reduced.”

Edward flashed his teeth again.  And the conditions to which you you’ve been reducing everyone else, you fucker.

“I would be most grateful for any assistance you could provide in getting me out of this . . . ”  Yoki wrinkled his nose.  “Place.”  The ingratiating smile returned, and Yoki slid closer.  “Of course, I’ll return the favor to the best of my ability.”

A hand by Edward’s thigh filled in the rest.  If he spread his thighs, Edward knew, Yoki would be there, sliding down Edward’s zipper and sucking him dry.  If Edward hopped off the desk and looked at him, Yoki would be up and leaning over the desk, ass in the air.

The thought of it gave Edward a rush.  The thought of doing it made him sick.

Edward swung his watch so it landed in his hand.  A flick of his thumb had it open.  “Another time, perhaps,” he replied, regret thick in his voice.  He snapped his watch closed again.  “I still have a lot to do tonight.”

Like ruin your life.

Yoki frowned but could say nothing as Edward hopped off the desk and strolled towards the door.  He only spoke when Edward grasped the door handle.  “We’ll talk later, right?” he called desperately.

Edward smiled sweetly at him, swinging the door open.  Immediately, Alphonse was at his side.  “Of course!” he sang out.  “Good-night, Lieutenant.”

“Brother—” Alphonse began as soon as the door shut.

“My balls are fine, Al,” Edward cut off.  He patted his pocket.  “And now it’s time to cut Yoki’s off.”

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I admit, I was a bit squicked when I saw the pairing, but I read it anyway, because you wrote it.

Protective!Al and Ebil!Ed are love. Ed should probably get some kind of award for his acting.

*laughs* I have to get back into the odd pairings. I've been sticking with Ling/Ed and normal pairings like that for too long. XD Thanks for giving it a chance.

If he spread his thighs, Edward knew, Yoki would be there, sliding down Edward’s zipped and sucking him dry.

Should that be "zipper"?

Lovely as always, Sam! ^_^ Yoki is so deliciously skeevy.

Thank you! All nice and fixed now. XD

Now I just have to work on Clay/Ed . . .

The pairing itself made me disgustedly curious enough to read it. *snicker*

Seductress!Ed.....makes me laugh. I can see it....it would be a power trip for him....

Well done. XD

*snorts* I've written Cornello/Ed. This was nothing.

Ed finally gets on top! Yay!

Thanks. XD

The pairing had me twitching... only read it cuz it was your work and you havent done FMA lately. But I'm glad I did. XD Love you so much darling!

I didn't realize I had neglected FMA that much. *blinks* Oops.


You have this wonderful way of slipping through the cracks and adding in these little scenes-- it ends up feeling like a moment that got snipped from canon for ratings instead of fanfic! Kudos to you, darlin'.

I'll take that as one hell of a compliment. Thank you!

zomg @_@
It was... er... anyway, I liked it. Pairing is strange, but you made it believable... kinda XD

Oh, and I loved the fact that you always used 'Edward' instead of 'Ed'. It's really rare.

I like my odd pairings. ^_~ As for Edward vs. Ed . . . that's personal preference. I generally just prefer Edward. *shrugs*

o_o wow
original, intense and funny XD
XD XD I love the last line! lol! ^^

*grins* I love your wacky, zany pairings. *crawls into your lap and purrs*

*^___^* There's plenty to choose from! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Wow... for a few moments there, I actually thought that you were going to have Ed and Yoki do ::something::

I'm rather glad that Ed stopped... I'm not sure that my brain could have handled it.

It didn't seem really Ed-like to push it that far . . . just enough to gloat about it. XD Or maybe that's just me.

Heh heh, I like aggressive Ed, drunk on power.

He has to have his moment. ^_~

I must admit, it was curiosity that made me read this...
I liked it, a lot...and am very happy that didn't make them do..it. That would've been kinda creepy...>.<
I loved that last line..!!

After so many comments like that, I kinda regret that I didn't push it farther. }D Oh well.

Morbid curiosity got me in here. But the story was brilliant! Hooray for a non-victimized Ed! And so deliciously devious too!

*cackles* Edward finally got his turn! Yay! *^_____^*

Wow, you know...I didn't realize this was you, so I went in fearing the worst. Then I read it, was thoroghly impressed, and am currently worshipping the ground you walk on :) Bravo!

My favorite bit was the fine, fine line between enjoying power and being sickened by it. Poor Ed XD

^^ I'm beyond amused right now at everyone's reaction to the concept of Yoki/Ed. I think it's worse than Gatelings/Ed. Or even Cornello/Ed. Just something to consider.

^_~ I'm happy you gave it a chance despite the pairing, and I'm definitely happy you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Oh Edward, you are such a little slut, but it's why almost everybody loves you!

This was really good! (Though I still want Yoki to drop of the face of the planet :D) Keep up the good work!!!

*glances at fic* I think he's more of a tease than a slut in this. Yeah, Ed, cross those legs.

XD Thanks!

thought process:
-"Yoki/Ed"? WTF?
- oh, it's tyr_sinni...
-she does slut!ed, doesn't she? ought to be interesting...
“Alphonse!” he hissed. “Language!” that line wins. It is so Ed to be all foul-mouthed himself but not want to hear it from poor sweet innocent Al.

good job, very believable and well written on top of that. ♥ for you.

*laughs* From what I've read, that seems to be everyone's thought progression. XDDDD

Thank you!


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