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LoZ: Sheik/Link Delta-set
Fandom: LoZ
Title: Delta
Pairing: Sheik/Link
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: some sexual content, dark content, game spoilers, male!Sheik, angst
A/N: Fourth set from 1sentence .


#01 – Air: When Zelda took Link into the sky, he tried to deny the truth but knew, for him and Sheik, this was good-bye.

#02 – Apples: “Do I have something on my face?” Link asked, lips glistening from the apple juice, and Sheik blamed his silence on tact rather than speechlessness.

#03 – Beginning: Any monster could have attacked Link as he knelt outside the Forest Temple, lost and hurting, but it was Sheik who came instead, and neither knew what they were starting.

#04 – Bugs: “If you eat that,” Sheik warned, watching Link speculatively eye a large bug, “you will have a long wait before I kiss you again.”

#05 – Coffee: Sheik watched the legendary Hero of Time, Hyrule’s Hope, suspiciously poke the mug of coffee with a deku stick and sighed.

#06 – Dark: Sheik had told him once that it was darkest before dawn, and two years and countless miles from Hyrule, Link clung to that.

#07 - Despair: Sheik had told Link that it was darkest before dawn, but after four months and no sign of the Hero, he was beginning to doubt he would ever see sunshine again.

#08 - Doors: “You could just take the door,” Sheik whispered, sighing to himself as the Hero merrily slipped through a window.

#09 - Drink: Three times drinking and three incidents later, Sheik consoled himself with the realization that at least he had the opportunity to carry Link in his arms, even if Link was drunk, unconscious, and had left a flaming wreck behind them.

#10 - Duty: Both had sworn themselves to Hyrule, the Princess, and the goddesses, and right then, they both hated it.

#11 - Earth: “The earth is solid, yes,” Sheik said drolly, wrapping Link’s ankles, and Link just hummed and didn’t point out that the sheikah was massaging Link’s feet and legs while he did so.

#12 - End: For being the supposed Hero of Time, Time seemed to crawl for Link, but the sixteen-year-old told himself that his wait would be over soon.

#13 - Fall: Sheik occasionally wondered the difference between fearlessness, courage, and stupidity as he watched Link leap off the edge and fall.

#14 - Fire: Sometimes, Link played the Bolero of Fire and wondered if Sheik was playing the same song somewhere out there.

#15 - Flexible: Sheik taught Link that his flexibility could be used for more than battle, and Link taught Sheik that endurance was sometimes an ever better trait.

#16 - Flying: “You said I didn’t have wings,” Link pointed out, and Sheik couldn’t decide between cursing or laughing as he soothed the indignant Cucco.

#17 - Food: “You want some?” Link offered tentatively, still not understanding why Sheik was laughing at him eating a rabbit: maybe it was a Hylian delicacy or something?

#18 - Foot: As the potatoes won another round against Link’s poor foot, Sheik struggled to understand how Link could traverse the most dangerous of dungeons and still keep tripping over potatoes.

#19 - Grave: Link stood in the graveyard and wondered dimly, not if it would affect the timeline if he should die, but who would notice if he did.

#20 - Green: Sheik regretted laughing at Link’s jealousy when Malon wrapped her arms around the Hero and hugged him tightly.

#21 - Head: Link’s hat gave Navi the best views, even if Sheik always gave her nasty looks later.

#22 - Hollow: “Aren’t you supposed to be a clever, nimble sheikah?” Link asked idly, bandaging Sheik’s ankle while the sheikah glared darkly at the innocuous-looking hole in the ground.

#23 - Honor: Zelda didn’t tell Sheik, but she had made a promise that day when Link vanished into Time, and she would repay her knights even it took every ounce of magic she had.

#24 - Hope: Link never knew he carried Hyrule’s hope on his back, and Sheik never knew that he carried Link’s.

#25 - Light: Dawn rose over the forests of Hyrule, and Link steadily traveled through the woods back home.

#26 - Lost: Only once did Link not fight during a cycle while in Termina, and that was when a red-eyed child walked up to Link and asked, “Do I know you?”

#27 - Metal: The chorus of clashing steel fit strangely well with the chorus of an ocarina and a lyre, and to both sounds Link and Sheik danced.

#28 - New: “But you have plenty of weapons!” Sheik protested, and Link silenced him with a kiss, nimbly tucking his new knife into his boot.

#29 - Old: “But it’ll work so well!” Link protested, and Sheik tried not to smile as he refused the offer of a new pouch for his needles, even if the other one hung worn and soft at his side.

#30 - Peace: Link dreamed of Sheik sometimes, and those were the nights he slept peacefully and awoke with a smile, blessed by his goddess.

#31 - Poison: Sheik dreamed of Link sometimes, and those were the nights he tossed and turned and awoke sore and afraid, cursed by the Hero’s goddesses.

#32 - Pretty: Link pulled down Sheik’s mask again, and Sheik couldn’t understand why that always put a smile on Link’s face.

#33 - Rain: Sheik danced with Link in the rain, and not even the downpour could hide Link’s grin.

#34 - Regret: Link hated himself for thinking it, but after years of missing Sheik, he wished he had asked his question so he would know if all these years of pain had been worth it: “Are you with me because I’m the Hero or because I’m Link?”

#35 - Roses: Sheik coughed to hide his laughter and Navi hid in Link’s hat as Link stared in astonishment at the damage the pretty red flowers had done to his hand.

#36 - Secret: “There’s no point on keeping quiet about it if you have a huge lovebite on your neck,” Malon pointed out, and she was even kind enough to bring out a mirror so Link could see.

#37 - Snakes: “Why did it have to be snakes?” Sheik asked in disgust, and Link manfully scared the serpents away with a torch so the sheikah would come back out.

#38 - Snow: The first thing Link did upon waking up to a foot of snow was try to pelt Sheik with snowballs.

#39 - Solid: Sheik’s body felt warm and solid under his hands, and Sheik had to finally drag Link’s hands away before they went too far.

#40 - Spring: Link played Saria’s song on his ocarina and danced, knowing that spring’s arrival meant he was one season closer to Sheik.

#41 - Stable: Link laughed when Sheik tried to argue that a stable wasn’t a fitting sleeping place for the Hero of Time, and Sheik stopped protesting when Link dragged him into the hay with him.

#42 - Strange: Everyone in the court looked at Link like he was insane for denying the princess’ hand, until Link said quietly, “I am promised to another.”

#43 - Summer: Summer came and another season passed, and for this, Link celebrated with the Bolero of Fire.

#44 - Taboo: Link was the warrior of the goddesses, the Hero, and Sheik knew he shouldn’t touch even as he let Link draw him close.

#45 - Ugly: “Are you ugly or something?” Link asked curiously, and Sheik sighed as he batted the Hero’s curious fingers from his mask again.

#46 - War: “It’ll be over soon,” Link promised, the Spirit Temple behind them, and Sheik said nothing.

#47 - Water: For being a creature of Farore, Sheik thought Link never quite looked as beautiful as when he was swimming.

#48 - Welcome: Sheik dreamed of Link’s return, and Link dreamed of Sheik’s welcome.

#49 - Winter: Another season passing usually meant a celebration, but Link could only look at the cold, crisp beauty of the snow and wish he wasn’t looking at it alone.

#50 - Wood: The forest gave slowly, the wood around him growing sparser, and the seventeen-year-old began to truly breathe.

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I love this- it makes me want to play the games again, so nostalgic~! (and I can mentally chuck in a side of dark!Link and there's my OT3, *noms Sheik sandwich*)

I really like the way that it's not chronological in any sense of the word- for obvious reasons and this just makes it all the more bittersweet, trying to reach one another through time... *sniffles*
(gayloveshallpiercetheveilofum...timeandsavetheday,uhuh >_>)

I don't have an appropriate icon- here's some squeeing fangirl instead which... is actually really appropriate right now. *continues to flail quietly*

I <3 you so much for mentioning dark!Link. I have been rudely ignoring him. :D

Actually, I <3 you in general. Quote win!

It occurred to me that I don't really have a lot of LoZ icons, so I went pic hunting. So much pretty...

o^_^o Teehee.

Huh, might join you in that hunt it's not like I have anything better to do at 3:30am on Christmas day... *wired*

Happy holidays and a very merry Giftmas to you~! (<--- that's about as PC as I think I can be with this season *pokes the subject with a long stick*)

Either that or I'll steal your icons and implant them on my iPod... after downloading some LoZ music (WHY DON'T I HAVE ANY?!)

Yaaaay, hyper and sleep deprieved, making no sense~~! *twirls*

I'm more concerned about coffee than PC-ness...and writing some more LoZ. :D

I'm currently looking up LoZ AMVs on Youtube. It's a sad, sad thing.

Best way to be is hyper and sleep-deprived...unless you're driving. Then bad things happen. *^__^*

Hehe... read all ur previous ones and POTATOES... had to stop laughing before I woke up a little boy whose sleeping while Santa Claus puts presents under the tree.

Ah... I love your one-sentence things. They are quite wonderful!

They're pretty fun to do, too. XD Thanks!

Ok, my response to 15? "Hee hee. Hee hee. Hee hee." XD

Drunk Link. I had never thought of this before. I feel bad for Sheik.

Sheik is Indy!!

"Roll, roll, roll in ze hay!"

I will resist commenting on more, because I could, but it would just make me sound crazy.

Edited at 2011-01-05 07:11 am (UTC)

...I tried to make them smaller but LJ wouldn't cooperate.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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