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Ooooh, it's a new day....
So, after an insane amount of work to have everything perfect for the underwriters, I now own a house. I'm still packing and plan on moving in on Monday. Holy shit. I have a house. A gorgeous house in a good neighborhood with lots of places for walking purposes and room for my lovely babies to be able to stretch their legs...not that it will matter. They're all within three feet of me now, two sleeping and one cleaning.

Certain fics are in progress, just momentarily stalled until the move is done. I am a little stunned by not only the sheer amount of books I own compared to everything else in the apartment but also where I hid all my books. I now want to go through and reread a lot of them.

I have decided that buying a house/moving and online classes at the same time seriously sucks. Still, everything should be much calmer soon. :) And the new location will also provide me a lot more free time, as it's so much closer to work. *^__^*

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Woo Hoo! home ownership!! it's a great thing, you have space and can decorate how you want... enjoy!

Congratulations! I hope it brings you (and your babies) happiness and contentment for many, many years. =]

Congrats!! ^_^ I'm sure your babies will have much fun tearing through your new home during their midnight freak outs.

Congratulations! I fully predict that you will have games of chase now that there is room. Enjoy your new house!

CONGRATS!!!! That's the best feeling in the world. :)

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