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The words unspoken, we’ll be there soon...
Still alive. I would like to say I've been busy, but I've mostly been cooing over the new Hobbit movie and the surprise!ship of Thorin/Bilbo, aka Thilbo, aka Bagginshield, and cooing over this surprise!ship on tumblr. I also spent yesterday Giftmas shopping, as I don't celebrate Giftmas until New Year's...which also tends to make me forget Giftmas beyond "I can eat cookies for breakfast without guilt!" and "I can sleep in today!"

Tomorrow, I travel to visit my family. Today, I hang out at home and rejoice in the lovely details of homeownership, like my heater dying. Yep. It died last night, time unknown. I am curled under a lot of covers while my tiny heater rockets up my electricity bill. Yay. I have a warranty, which goes far in paying for everything. Unfortunately, the lovely snow we received last night and this morning stalled off the repairman, but he's finally on his way! Yay!

All fics have been mailed. The ones without mailing addresses will be emailed today. Fics were delayed a tad, but they are on their way! :D

Now back to cuddling under the covers.

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Bagginshield is both hilarious and adorable, tiny!boyfriends indeed.

I remember hearing a good joke once, it was something about what portion of the consumer market home owners are. There's always something that needs fixing. Hope you can get warm soon.

I have also (finally) finished the necklace I promised you last year. It's new record in procrastination for me. Anywho, I need your new address it send it to you I'm afraid. You'll also be getting a bracelet as an apology gift for the wait.

Wow sounds like you hit a rough patch on the road of life there for a bit. *HUG ON YOU*

I'm hoping you are nice and warm now and said expensive little heater is packed away to not be needed again for a good long while.

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