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this is the tale...of Captain Jack Sparrow...
So work, family, and other responsibilities have been epically kicking my ass for the last several months. I have barely been writing ficcage in my notebooks, and that is strange and horrifying. In 2014, I'm definitely going to need to look for a less stressful job. Of course, based on certain circumstances, I'm hoping 2014 will be much calmer than 2013. 2013 epically won. I think it deserves a medal.

Reviewing old fics and notebooks since I do have some time off for the holidays. Top on this list is tent!fic. A lot of the last chapter has been written (for a period of time, rewritten multiple times, and enduring of many glares) and I wanted to reread the fic to make sure that I didn't mess up the last chapter since there had been so much time. It would also help sketch out the plot for the next part of the fic...because I'm a masochist. To help with this, I'm reviewing and posting the chapters on AO3.

Here's to the hope that 2014 will be more successful than 2013...and dear gods, I am ready to start sacrificing to various deities (and major priests) to get some damned chips and dip.

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from one of your random lurkers, i hope you had a really good christmas and good luck in the new year :)

You, too! With all the caffeine and ficcage one could desire.

Wishing you the best of luck for 2014 to turn out the way you'd like! Hope you get a chance to get in some good rest and fun during your time off <3

Happy New Year!

Rest would be nice. Rest would be very nice. Especially if accompanied by ficcage.

Happy New Year! XD

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