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FMA: Havoc/Ed "Becoming Adequate"

Sooo . . . now that finals are done, I've spent the last couple days getting things organized at home.  ^^;;;  Getting caught up on my fl is going to be a bitch.  But anyway.  I had an old Havoc/Ed ficlet put back, and I thought I'd post it.  Hopefully, it'll motivate me to work on my other fics.

Title: Becoming Adequate
Pairing: Havoc/Ed
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, really
Summary: Havoc should really know better than to interrupt an alchemist when he's working.

Becoming Adequate


“Um . . . hey, Boss, you aren’t angry with me, are you?”


“Are you okay?  You want me to check that out for you?”


“Don’t worry, Fullmetal!  We’ll have a ladder or something ready for you soon.  Lieutenant Havoc can help you reach the first step!”

“You.  Hell.  ROT!”

Jean Havoc cringed and edged away from the irate alchemist.  Unfortunately, due to the limited space, he couldn’t move far.  Well, he thought optimistically, watching Edward as he snarled at the small opening in the ceiling, at least the colonel directed Edward’s anger away from me.

At least, he hoped so.  He flinched away as Edward glared at him, golden eyes blazing in the dim light.  After so many years of working with the Flame Alchemist, he knew better than interrupting alchemists at work, but he hadn’t been aware that Edward had been working with the metals in the cave walls when he had run in to deliver the colonel’s message.  Next thing Havoc knew, he and Edward were surrounded by solid rock, and Colonel Mustang was shouting frantically down at them.  See?  Not really his fault.  Right?

Fortunately, judging by the way Edward was again roaring at the colonel, since the older alchemist was involved period, Mustang was guilty by default.

By the end of Edward’s rant, Havoc could hear the laughter in Colonel Mustang’s voice.  “Don’t worry, Fullmetal.  We’ll send a . . . little help soon.”

Who the hell are you calling so little that he needs a ladder to climb over a bean?

Havoc flinched, then cleared his throat awkwardly.  Edward’s fangs frightened him.  “Colonel!” he shouted.  Only a small hole led to the outside.  As he lacked Edward’s generous lungs, he hoped the colonel could hear him.  “Can you toss my cigarettes to me?  They should be by the mouth of the hole.  ...Colonel?  Colonel?”


Apparently, he didn’t have the lung capacity after all.

Licking dry lips, Havoc slumped against the jagged rock wall.  He adjusted his right leg, winced, then focused on the cursing youth on the other side of the narrow hole.  “You might want to rest, boss.  They’ll have us out of here soon enough.”

Edward grunted but quieted.  With a low sigh, Havoc eased his aching body into an awkward hunch.  His crusty hair brushed the ceiling.  Wincing, he limped to the other side of the hole.  Blood dripped from his bum leg, but he ignored it, managing until he could plop beside the younger man.  Edward shot him a sharp look; Havoc happily ignored that, too.  Working under Mustang taught him the value of ignorance.

“Are you okay?” he repeated, studying Edward’s automail arm.  Edward recoiled from Havoc’s gaze, but the older man had already seen enough: the elbow and wrist joints were completely smashed.  Havoc reached out to turn Edward towards him but paused before touching him.  He cleared his throat and withdrew his hand.  “Are you hurt anywhere else?”

Ed looked at him sourly.  Then he grabbed Havoc’s thigh.  Havoc yelped.  “Boss!  You’re–I–Colonel Mustang will kill me!”

A flash lit up the small area, and Havoc blinked at the bandage around his thigh.  “What the hell were you thinking?” Ed demanded, pulling back his hand.  Havoc’s blood glinted on his finger. “And what the hell do you mean, he’ll kill you?”

Wow.  This hole was really small.  Havoc eyed the dark walls.  Were those the metals Ed had been working with?  The late evening sun reflected off them quite well.

“Havoc!” Edward growled. “What the hell is your problem?”

And Edward cursed a lot.  Havoc smiled weakly and licked his lips.  Saliva was building up in his mouth.  “I’m sorry for this, Boss,” he said instead.  “I should have known better than running in like that.  Just thought you would like that message from Alphonse.”

Edward scoffed.  “Eh.  Don’t worry about it.  If the shit-colonel hadn’t sent you with the message, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with.”

Now grinning for real, Havoc bit back a laugh.  “He’s good for that,” he agreed.  Tentatively, he stretched his leg.  Had to give the shortie credit.  That was one good bandage.

Edward grinned back, golden eyes glittering.  “How’s the leg?” he inquired.  “You landed badly on it.”

“How’s the arm?” Havoc retorted merrily.  “You landed badly on it.”

Another grin, quick and vicious.  “One of the perks of having a metal arm.  If you had an automail leg, you wouldn’t have any problems right now.”

Havoc chuckled.  “Point,” he agreed.  He eyed the fading light in the hole.  “I think the sun’s setting.”

“I know the sun’s setting,” Edward retorted dryly.  He shifted against the cave wall and glared at his dead metal limb.  “Happens sometimes.  Daily, in fact.  Don’t worry.  You’ll get used to it.”

Havoc started moving but stopped when his shoulder brushed Ed’s.  “Hardy-har-har,” he grumbled, still smiling.  “Do you think Colonel Mustang is going to get us out of here before nightfall?”

Edward snorted and shifted again until he was pressed firmly against Havoc’s shoulder.  Havoc sucked in a sharp breath.  “That asshole?  No way.  He probably–”

“Has a date,” the older blond finished with Ed.  In the dying light, they grinned at each other.  “Don’t worry, though,” Havoc continued.  “If nothing else, Colonel Mustang knows how to take care of his own.”

Snickering lightly, Ed adjusted himself so he was resting comfortably against Havoc.  His soft laughter faded when he noticed how tense the other man was.  “What’s your problem?  Is my automail leg cold?  I’ve been in the caves all day, and it’s been cool.”

Havoc resisted the urge to stiffen more.  “No, no,” he said quickly.  “It’s not that.”  It’s just that you’re in Colonel Mustang’s league, not mine.

Ed scowled.  “Whatever.”  Deliberately, he scooted away and hunched over.  Long bangs hid his face.

Cringing inwardly, Havoc stared at the small hole in the ceiling.  “Hopefully, Colonel Mustang will drop us a lantern.”  A pause.  “He should.”  A soft grinding of automail gears.  “Anytime now.”

Edward never responded.  Havoc licked his lips.  Too soon, the remaining light faded, leaving them in darkness.  After that, time seemed to crawl. Outside the cave, Havoc could swear he heard crickets.  Inside the hole, all he could hear were the pieces moving in Ed’s automail leg.  Damn, that was noisy.  How did Ed sleep at night?

Swallowing the gathering saliva, Havoc fiddled with his bandage.  One cigarette.  Just one.  Could alchemy make cigarettes?  He scowled.  Hell, alchemy couldn’t even get them out of this damned hole.  Too high a chance of the whole thing collapsing on them.  What the hell was alchemy good for, anyway?

Wait.  That noise wasn’t just Edward’s automail.

“Are you all right, Boss?” Havoc asked cautiously, looking in the direction of the noise.  A grunt answered.  Havoc gnawed at his lips, imagining a cigarette between them.  “Are you cold?”

“I’m fine!” a low voice snapped in the dark.  Havoc cringed.  Dropping a cave on his head hadn’t pissed him off but refusing to be his pillow did.  He’d never understand this young man.

Havoc mused for a moment.  Small area, limited use of alchemy, possible injury . . .  All equaled up to low chance of retribution.  He’d probably never have this chance again.  “It sounds like your teeth chattering,” he spoke up helpfully.

Edward snarled but didn’t reply.  Havoc straightened up.  If Fullmetal hadn’t killed him now, he probably wasn’t going to.

That’s why he was moving against me earlier, the smoker thought, feeling foolish.  He was just tired and cold.  Jean, you idiot!

Sighing inwardly, Havoc scooted in the direction of Edward’s voice.  He moved until he pressed comfortably against Edward, feeling the younger soldier start in surprise.  “This will probably be my only opportunity to act so informally with a superior officer,” he said by way of explanation.

Edward relaxed minutely.  “Rank has never mattered with me,” he grumbled, but Havoc had to smile when he felt Ed lean his head against his shoulder.

“Yeah.  So Colonel Mustang has noticed.”  Havoc waited for some scathing remark about the colonel, but it never happened.  A minute later, the snoring began.  Havoc blinked in the dark.  “Hey.  You really were tired, weren’t you, Boss?”

As expected, no response.  Taking a deep breath, Havoc raised his arm and slid it over Ed’s shoulders.  The young man grumbled but only snuggled closer.  Against his will, Havoc felt himself blushing.

He’s pretty . . . solid for a fifteen year old, Havoc thought dizzily.  Then his smile faded.  But according to the message, Ed’s going to leave as soon as he gets out of here.  Might as well enjoy this while I can.

Carefully, he wrapped his arm around Ed’s slumped frame and rested his own head on Ed’s.  Enjoying the younger man’s warmth, he began to doze off.

He may be solid, but he doesn’t seem like the Fullmetal Alchemist down here.

Above the sleeping pair, Colonel Mustang and Lieutenant Hawkeye listened until Havoc’s snores matched Edward’s.  “Edward is going to kill you when he realizes you could have rescued them hours ago,” Hawkeye commented.

Mustang smirked.  “Yes.  I know.”  He paused.  “But both of them seemed to need a night off.  And what better way to relax than in the arms of a beautiful man?”

Hawkeye raised an eyebrow.  “Which one are you talking about, sir?”

Mustang only grinned and gestured back the way they came.  “Come on.  Someone should call Alphonse before he really carries through with his threat and comes out to the caves.”

A moment later, only the pair’s snoring carried through the caves.  And later, Havoc would bribe a heavily grinning Maes Hughes for a certain picture involving their “rescue.”

But until then, Havoc sleepily enjoyed the feeling of Edward Elric purring in his arms.

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...I've discovered I have some sort of fetish for Havoc and Ed being fluffed together. (I feel I should "remind" you about the cigarette thing. ^_~ Oh. And the food thing. Whatever happened to that one?)

I haven't forgotten. XD In fact, they're your Christmas presents!

♥ ♥ ♥~~~

Conniving Roy, hee. :D And Havoc going "asdf;lkj what are you DOING" when Ed grabs his leg...*snickers* Priceless~

(Deleted comment)
oh lovely ::hugs:: lovely lovely keeping nowwwww

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Yes. Sekrit OTP fluff to start the day! YOU ARE A WINNAR.

Havoc's so jumpy and Ed's so twitchy that it's cute. :D

Nice...very very nice. I adore Ed/Havoc but there's just not enough of it to go around *sigh* skips off to find more of the pair.

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