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The best hero is a broken hero.

So I had plans for 2013...
Awesome plans. Elaborate plans. I was going to get shit done in 2013.

This did not quite come to pass.

Or anything resembling coming to pass, really.

Actually, I think the only thing where I actually found success was more elaborate ways to curse the world...and discover Mormons will hang out a bit on your porch if you flash them your bra. That, alas, I discovered after they already left.

So, yes, I haven't quite done shit yet in 2013. I've discovered that I can extremely stress myself out over very little, but I don't think that counts as accomplishment. Still, for the first time it actually seems like spring, so that seems as good a time as any to try AGAIN.

Wish me luck.

desire never leaves
So I took an unexpected hiatus. I will not go into details, but I will say that January was a Bad Month. Yeah. I'm all for forgetting its existence now. Maybe I got all of the bad energy out in the first month and the rest will be fantastic?

All Giftmas fics were either emailed or mailed (not counting poor Arin's, whose is sitting on my desk now in its envelope). If you didn't get yours, just email or PM me. There is always at least one person who didn't get theirs. *coughs*

Now trying to get back into the swing of things and determine if there's any time I can take off. (Dina, turns out Friday probably won't work, but I'm going to try, anyway.) It's early in the year, but damn I want a vacation.

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The words unspoken, we’ll be there soon...
Still alive. I would like to say I've been busy, but I've mostly been cooing over the new Hobbit movie and the surprise!ship of Thorin/Bilbo, aka Thilbo, aka Bagginshield, and cooing over this surprise!ship on tumblr. I also spent yesterday Giftmas shopping, as I don't celebrate Giftmas until New Year's...which also tends to make me forget Giftmas beyond "I can eat cookies for breakfast without guilt!" and "I can sleep in today!"

Tomorrow, I travel to visit my family. Today, I hang out at home and rejoice in the lovely details of homeownership, like my heater dying. Yep. It died last night, time unknown. I am curled under a lot of covers while my tiny heater rockets up my electricity bill. Yay. I have a warranty, which goes far in paying for everything. Unfortunately, the lovely snow we received last night and this morning stalled off the repairman, but he's finally on his way! Yay!

All fics have been mailed. The ones without mailing addresses will be emailed today. Fics were delayed a tad, but they are on their way! :D

Now back to cuddling under the covers.

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Okay, so here it is. It's late and all I can promise are drabbles, but if you leave your address and your fandom/prompt, I can write you a drabble for Giftmas. :) The usual goes:

FMA, FF7, FF8, FF9, Legend of Zelda, Supernatural, anything on existing ficlets (not counting Naruto), Dresden Files, and Rurouni Kenshin.

All comments are screened. Merry Giftmas!

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I've drowned and dreamt this moment...
So I bought the house on the fifth and moved in on the twelfth. There was a lot of frantic running around both before and after that due to not only packing but getting the apartment cleaned up before the end of the month. But that's not the bad part.

I lost internet when I moved.

I just got it back this past Saturday. I needed to switch internet providers. In the meantime, working on my online class really, really sucked.

Still, victory now? Kinda? Internet, but not wireless. I'm debating if I should try for wireless. Being limited as to where I can get on the net should make it easier to write.

On the writing note....Giftmas time. I'll make a post tomorrow about it. It's late and I've spent the last month completely slammed, as well as already working on some fics, but I want to at least do drabbles. If nothing else, my writing has been pushed down to the bottom of my priority list lately, and I would love to do drabbles to exercise the old mental muscle. I'll do a post for those who want drabbles tomorrow and try to mail them all out next week. :)

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Ooooh, it's a new day....
So, after an insane amount of work to have everything perfect for the underwriters, I now own a house. I'm still packing and plan on moving in on Monday. Holy shit. I have a house. A gorgeous house in a good neighborhood with lots of places for walking purposes and room for my lovely babies to be able to stretch their legs...not that it will matter. They're all within three feet of me now, two sleeping and one cleaning.

Certain fics are in progress, just momentarily stalled until the move is done. I am a little stunned by not only the sheer amount of books I own compared to everything else in the apartment but also where I hid all my books. I now want to go through and reread a lot of them.

I have decided that buying a house/moving and online classes at the same time seriously sucks. Still, everything should be much calmer soon. :) And the new location will also provide me a lot more free time, as it's so much closer to work. *^__^*

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Slight ranting before I try to focus on Doing Stuff
Two words I actually hate: Atheism and FeminismCollapse )

Next rant: Energy drinksCollapse )

Now to eat dinner and Do Stuff.

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So, regarding the house...
If I have a nervous breakdown, it won't be my fault...Collapse )

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More Giftmas Ficlets...some of which I SWORE I posted...
Genetic diversity
SPN RPS (J2) for an offline friend: NC-17Collapse )

Legend of Zelda Sheik/Link Termina ficlet for Hiza_ChanCollapse )

FF7 ficlet for KrystalicekitsuCollapse )

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So I have the Robot Unicorn theme on repeat?
What's your point?

As I crosspost this to LJ, fuck you, LJ. It's hard to tell when I have real comments and when I am just getting spammed. :P

On an RL ADHD/meds note...Collapse )

On my final ADHD note, I still plan on taking the glowy bouncy ball Hadesphoenix was so nice as to give me and throw it at my next family reunion. It's a good plan. :D

Now back to caffeine and ficcage.

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