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tir-synni's random babblings

The best hero is a broken hero.

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FMA: Pinako/Hohenheim "One Night"
Title: One Night
Pairing: Pinako/Hohenheim, Hohenheim/Trisha
A/N: #25 on kageotogi's list: Pinako/Hohenheim.  ^^
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "So you're going to marry her."


“So you’re going to marry her.”

Pinako Rockbell’s voice was as calm as ever, but Hohenheim could hear the underlying tension.  He quickly finished off his ale and raised a hand for more.  The barmaid was there before he even finished the move: the pair was well known enough that the barmaid rarely moved far away.

Hohenheim didn’t need his glasses—hadn’t needed them for a long time—but they were excellent tools to hide behind.  He ran his finger along the rim as he ducked his head.  The dull lights of the bar shimmered off the thin glass, shielding his eyes.


However, if his reputation wasn’t enough to defend him from this woman, his glasses were truly pitiful.

Sighing, Hohenheim wrapped a hand around his beer.  “I love her,” he said quietly.  “There’s something about her—”

“That you will destroy,” Pinako interrupted.  Her own beer was untouched, always a bad sign. 

The Light Alchemist could not meet her gaze.  “I can’t resist her, Pinako,” he said softly.  “I’ve never met anyone like her.”

He could feel her gaze on him, as hard and unyielding as her precious automail.  His glasses a useless barrier, Hohenheim picked up his beer again and hid behind it.  He gulped it too fast, and it settled unsteadily in his stomach.  However, it did not stop him from waving for another.  Instantly, the barmaid was there, her eyes sweeping over him to study other, more unpredictable customers.

They had met in this very same bar less than a year ago.  Less than a year ago, he had gone home with her, just one brief night before he moved on.  Then the next day, she had introduced him to her young neighbor. 

That night, he had asked Pinako for every detail concerning Trisha Elric.

Pinako’s small face was tight.  “You’ll have to leave someday,” she pointed out.  “You know as well as I that you won’t be able to stay.  You’re going to marry her and then leave her behind.”

It was his fifth beer of the night, and it still wasn’t enough.  Resigned, Hohenheim pushed the beer away and stood up.  Before he had even stepped away from the barstool, the barmaid was there, surprise in her eyes and his glass in her hand.

Scowling, Pinako slammed her beer back before standing as well.  She barely came up to his waist, but Hohenheim still looked at her with wariness.  He wasn’t even sure what this diminutive woman could do.  For all her gentleness, Trisha Elric had an iron will.  He knew Pinako could do nothing to change her mind. 

Yet Hohenheim still had to look away from those fierce eyes.

“Come home with me,” the older woman commanded, turning on her heel.  “Don’t go to Trisha tonight.”

And even knowing what would happen, Hohenheim helplessly agreed.

And when later Pinako commanded him to not marry Trisha, Hohenheim agreed to that, too.

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(Deleted comment)
*^___^* Thank you. I am rather curious the canon reason they weren't married, though. It feels like there is something else to it . . .

(Deleted comment)
*flails wildly* Ah . . . ah . . . I have to leave this weekend, but I can have it up early next week. *nods frantically* Promise.

Aw that was so sweet and sad... and...~~~

I love how you put a lot of personality to characters that were never really explained as well as they maybe should have... and it looked like it was going to be a little short but it was so well written and the length was perfect and ack I'm rambling... ^^;;;;;


*laughs* I couldn't add more length to this if I tried . . . which I did. ^_~ It refused to let me.

*^___^* I'm happy you liked!

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