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LOZ: Sheik/Link beta-set
Title: Beta
Pairing: Sheik/Link
A/N: For 1sentence, second set.  *^____^*
Rating: R
Warnings: Zelda spoilers

#01 – Walking: Before Epona, Link had to run everywhere he wanted to go; after Epona, he rode everywhere he wanted to go; only with Sheik could he walk nowhere.

#02 – Waltz: Dancing in Clocktown with the excited sisters, Link thought of Hyrule and wished he could tell Sheik that he finally learned how to waltz.

#03 – Wishes: Watching Link rest his head on Sheik’s shoulder, Navi fluttered to a nearby tree and whispered quietly under her breath.

#04 – Wonder: From the shadows of the Temple of Time, Sheik watched Link experimentally swing the Master Sword, experimentally move his “new” adult body, and he wistfully speculated how long it would take for that wonder to fade from those blue eyes.

#05 – Worry: Standing alone in the Temple, Ganondorf’s voice still echoing in his ears, Link felt ashamed that it wasn’t the princess who he was worried about.

#06 – Whimsy: Stunned, Sheik could only stare at Link, water dripping from his clothes and the Ocarina of Time still pressed against Link’s smiling lips.

#07 - Waste/Wasteland: Navi was screeching in his ear, sand burned his bare skin, the sun scorched him through his clothes, but Link couldn’t move, staring at the spot where Sheik had left him . . . again.

#08 - Whiskey and rum: “This,” Sheik dryly informed the sleeping hero, carrying him away from the still drinking Gerudos, “is not hero-like behavior.”

#09 – War: All of Hyrule had long since surrendered to Ganondorf, and Sheik told himself that he was only protective of Link because the elf was the only one who was still willing to fight this war.

#10 – Weddings: “What happens after weddings?” Link curiously asked Malon, and Sheik almost fell off his perch outside the window when the young woman stopped sipping her milk and stared blatantly at him.

#11 – Birthday: Raised as a Kokiri, Link had no concept of birthdays and thus didn’t understand why Sheik occasionally, wistfully spoke of the seven birthdays Link had missed.

#12 – Blessing: Quietly, Sheik had prayed to the goddesses to bless him and Link; when Link vanished, he knew the blessing had not been granted.

#13 – Bias: “She really doesn’t like other people,” Link repeated, examining the bruise on Sheik’s forehead where Epona had headbutt him; Sheik only glared at the horse, swearing that she was smirking at him.        

#14 – Burning: Link wrapped his arms around Sheik, shuddering as heat rushed through him; not even Death Mountain compared to this.

#15 – Breathing: Lying quietly beside his sleeping lover, Link examined Sheik’s bare face, his peaceful expression, and just watched him breathe.

#16 – Breaking: The first time Sheik had held Link in his arms was when Link collapsed outside of the Forest Temple, holding his face in his hands and finally realizing all he had lost.

#17 – Belief: Link had not known of the goddesses until Zelda had told him Their tale; he had not trusted in Their existence until he wielded the Master Sword, feeling Their power flooding it; yet he could not believe in Their love and guidance like some had preached, not when he believed in Sheik’s instead.

#18 – Balloon: The balloon bobbing weakly by Sheik’s feet had been an easy and tempting target for Link; unfortunately, Link’s head had then been an automatic target for Sheik’s needles, but at least the make-up had been worth it.

#19 – Balcony: Balancing himself on the balcony high above the Gerudo, Link imagined he could see Sheik in the shadows of one of the buildings, and he waved once at him before jumping down to the ground.

#20 – Bane: Sheik had once picked up the legendary Evil’s Bane, and he felt unworthy of Link when it had burned his hands.

#21 – Quiet: Link was a quiet lover, barely whimpering no matter how hot and aroused he became; in contrast, he could successfully make Sheik cry out—over and over and . . .

#22 – Quirks: Fascinated, Sheik watched as Link bounced on his heels, then swing the Master Sword around, then adjust his clothes, then yawn, then start juggling the Deku Nuts; one would never know that he had been waiting for less than five minutes.

#23 – Question: “Are you with me because I’m the Hero or because I’m Link?” Link asked once, only once, and the sleeping Sheikah could not respond.

#24 – Quarrel: Link did not—could not—understand why Sheik grew upset at his recklessness; Sheik could not—would not—understand Link’s own disregard for his life.

#25 – Quitting: Stroking Epona’s mane with his too small hands, the forest quiet without Navi’s chattering and Sheik’s soft advice, Link wanted no more than to lay down and stop.

#26 – Jump: Helpless to do anything as Link leaped from the Gerudo balcony to the ground far below, Sheik swore to himself he would have a long talk with Link concerning heights and broken bones.

#27 – Jester: Navi happily teased Link about his blush until Sheik swiped Link’s hat and snatched up Navi in it; with his mask on, Link couldn’t see that Sheik was blushing, too.

#28 – Jousting: Sheik tried once to spar with Link; he spent the next twenty minutes explaining to the youth that not all fights had to end in bloodshed, talking quickly to alleviate the hurt from his lover’s eyes.

#29 – Jewel: “I found it in someone’s house,” Link explained with a shrug, showing the horrified Sheik the glistening rupee.

#30 – Just: “It was just a kiss,” Kafei, exasperated, told Link, watching as the blond stepped away, “nothing important about a kiss;” and Link could only stare at him, thinking of Sheik’s kisses.

#31 – Smirk: Link glared at Sheik, knowing the other man was smirking at him behind his mask, and he rubbed his foot again; Potatoes: 2 – Link: 0.

#32 – Sorrow: Absence makes the heart grow fonder, someone had once told Link, and thirteen years old, years away from his lover, Link knew only that it wasn’t fondness that he was feeling in his heart.

#33 – Stupidity: “I should have known better,” Sheik cut Impa off, turning his back to the other Sheikah; “I never should have gotten close.”

#34 – Serenade: Sitting in Clocktown, knowing he should be moving, fighting, doing something, Link simply held the Ocarina to his lips and played, listening to a familiar lyre and the rush of water in his mind.

#35 – Sarcasm: Sheik listened to Zelda’s non-apologies, listened to her explanations, and had to bite his tongue to prevent his own dark reply.

#36 – Sordid: “Ooooh, oooooh, ooooh, how nasty they are!” Navi kept repeating to herself, never looking away from the pair writhing below her.

#37 – Soliloquy: After Sheik finished yet another speech and held out his lyre, Link put a hand on his hip: “You’re not going to say anything like that the next time you kiss me, are you?” he demanded, ignoring Navi laughing in his hat.

#38 – Sojourn: Watching Link rest on the small island in the middle of the lake, struggling to catch his breath and heal his weary body, Sheik hated himself for having to be the one to call Link back to duty.

#39 – Share: “You don’t have to stay up in that tree,” Link called, warming himself in front of the fire; “there’s room enough here for us both.”

#40 – Solitary: Link tried to remember piercing crimson eyes, soft blond hair, and chapped lips, but more and more all he could remember was the sensation of standing alone in the Temple of Time.

#41 – Nowhere: Sheik, curious, had once asked where the Hero was sleeping; now Sheik wondered if Link was there again, sleeping, alone, in the blinding, cold light.

#42 – Neutral: Listening with half an ear as Navi and Sheik argued about the royal family, Link fluffed the shirt he had stolen from Sheik and made himself comfortable on the ground.

#43 – Nuance: So many small, barely significant changes could have changed their path; Link wondered if any of those changes, obliviously overlooked, could have made it so he could stay with Sheik.

#44 – Near: Hurt and bleeding, Link was nonetheless comforted that when he stumbled out of the Spirit Temple, Sheik was close enough to catch him.

#45 – Natural: “They’re natural!” Sheik snapped finally, looking away as Link stared at his red eyes; confused, Link asked, “What is?”

#46 – Horizon: The bright sun rose again, its golden rays highlighting the lake, but Sheik, looking for something else in the horizon, was unimpressed.

#47 – Valiant: Staring into Sheik’s eyes, feeling the man’s warm, naked body pressed so close to his, knowing that Sheik was just waiting for him to say the okay, Link did not feel the courage or strength or anything for which the Hero was famed, but neither did he care.

#48 – Virtuous: Link’s warm body slick in his arms, Sheik could not help but wonder if his darkness had finally, inextricably tarnished Link’s virtue.

#49 – Victory: Cold, wet, bruised, Link did not feel victorious crawling onto the island in the middle of the lake; after Sheik kissed him, he still didn’t feel victorious, but he decided he preferred this feeling, anyway.

#50 – Defeat: For a long, long time, Sheik silently watched the Temple of Time, only admitting defeat when Impa finally led him away.

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Absolutely brilliant - you manage to get the whole feeling across in such a short space of time. [Envies.]

I especially adore number 8 [giggles] not dignified indeed!

*^_____^* Thank you! And Link needs to get drunk at some point. The Gerudos seem to be just the ones to do it.

♥ ♥ *hearts;

Some made me giggle, some made me go "aww", some made me ::drool:: and some made me *wibble*

They were all great!! I'm so happy someone claimed this pairing. And then you did a second set! Thankies muchly :]

XD Now I just have to go claim the third set! It's right there, open and waiting . . . *eyes*

Happy you liked!

Wow, you're going to do more??! Yays and kudos!!

This batch had more steamy, or steamy related scenes. Do I sense a growing amount of writer's angst?

Likewise, this set was less humorous and moreromantic, angst, mushy. I liked most of them. A few I had to read a few times to understand it, but worth rereading. I can't help hoping that you make each sentence complex wanting to put as much of a single scene into it. I continue to be awed by the emotions, not always happy or typical angst, that you can put into a single sentence. Shame, guilt, anger are just a few that are hard to express simply.

I liked how Balcony and Jump went together.

I didn't realize the mood had shifted that much. Huh. ^^ I'm happy that they still worked, though.

Thank you.

Aw. They're really nice *wibbles*. The Nuance one is my favourite.

So glad that some claimed the pairing. More sheik/Link-ness for all XD

Now I have to go reclaim the pairing. Have a couple more of these to go. ^^


Will be waiting eagarly for the next installment ^^

Link tried to remember piercing crimson eyes, soft blond hair, and chapped lips, but more and more all he could remember was the sensation of standing alone in the Temple of Time.

The one about the Master Sword was brilliant too. And oh dear god, the last one makes me hurt.

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