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tir-synni's random babblings

The best hero is a broken hero.

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Here's the list, Cathy.  So much kinky FMA love.  XD

Edit: Updated 04/02/07.

0) Ed/Winry OR Roy/Riza (miniskirt)  Actually, that's for domacatrix.  XD

1) Most Roy/Ed fics seem to take place in either Roy's office or Roy's house.  Screw that.  Dormitory.  Thin walls.  And?  Roy should be loud in bed.  Ho yes.

2) Same premise as #1, except somewhere else.  The Fuhrer Bradley's office, perhaps.

3) Roy's office window is left open overnight and they return after the weekend to find it had been taken over by various birds.  Hilarity ensues.

4) People keep trying to tell me that semen is a natural lubricant.  Have Envy attempt to prove it . . . with Havoc.

5) Envy/Ed in which Envy continuously changes form--uncontrollably.

6) Edward's bad day.  It must begin AND end in sex. But it should start with a slap to the face.

7) More Ed x Book.  Then?  Book x Ed.

8) Riza is writing a novel in secret: a bawdy novel that reflects more from the real world than Breda and Falman think she should know of, once they read it.

9) Edward hits his head.  Really hard.  So hard that he turns right around on the personality scale.  It's creepy, but Roy is oddly intrigued.  And yicked.

10) An alchemical accident leaves Ed giving off wild pheromones.

11) Roy x Random Chick.  Roy imagines her with Ed's face in spite of himself.  And y'know what?  I'd like to see Roy as a daddy.  No condoms.  Multi-part, and it should end as Roy x Ed and no children.

12) Bradley x Roy x Envy!Chimera.

13) C!3: bizarreness with homunculi and Ed continues his crazy rampage.  Then he is pout into shock by a wave of memories and runs away from the homunculi to resurrect Roy.  Because he <3's Roy.  Also, toss in some Lust/Gluttony love.

14) Armor!Al + hormones = trouble.  Perhaps they are overflowing from Ed to him?  ^_~  Al <3 Roy b/c Ed <3 Roy.

15) Screw the 7 deadly sins (no pun intended).  There should be minor homunculi: i.e. Amusement at the Misfortune of Others & Bad Fashion Sense.

16) Coffee x Roy.  Ed x Coffee.

17) Ed x Apple Pie.

18) Civilian 1 & 2 x Ed.

19) Ling x Riza.

20) Ling/Bradley.

21) Drunken orgies.

22) Ed + a cat in a horrible, horrible fight.  (The cat should win.)

23) Pinako x Ed.

24) Pinako x Winry.

25) Pinako/Hohenheim!!!!

26) Good Omens fic!  :D

27) Al x Pinako.

28) Winry x Pinako.

29) Death by dork.

30) Chimera!Ed x Al x Roy x Armstrong.

31) Hohenheim x Pinako x Pinako's dead husband.

32) Hoho/Roy

33) Hoho/Ed/Roy

34) Ed finds some over embarrassing pics (or videos . . .?  I don't know if the FMA-verse has those) or Roy and mimics young!Roy.  Roy doesn't know why Ed is doing this (doesn't recognize himself), but everyone who knew Roy in his younger days recognizes it and laughs . . . much to Roy's confusion.

35) Armstrong x Pinako.

36) Football, Ed, Ling, sex

37) Ed, chibi riding crop, tied-up!Roy

38) Bradley/Chimera

39) Envy/Bradley

40) Faith and Truth homunculi

41) Sex (between anyone) that gets interrupted by a natural disaster--an earthquake, preferably.  (I actually can't remember whose this is . . .)

42) Gluttony gets a puppy, which he loves.  It must be cute up until the end!  :)  (That's Joan's.  XD)

Slut!Ed List ^^
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*grin* I love you.

Your next step? Cross out all the ones you've actually written so far. XD If you do that, I'll make a list of all my "challenge" fics, too, and let you add to them as you see fit.

*bounces* I'm linking them, actually. And I have all day off, so I'm setting myself in front of the computer for a while. Of course, I'm hoping you'll help beta the longer ones . . . ^^

*reads last line* *cackles*

Even better. ^__^ Don't be silly. Of course I will. Just email them to me (or bring printouts with you when you come to Otakon) and I'll take care of it.

Eep. ^^ I should know better than to make promises.

*bounces* Printouts at Otakon. *^_____^*

Yeah. Yeah, you should. *cackles*

OMG these are great! I can't wait to read them! XD

I just posted the links to the ones I wrote already. XD Time to work on the rest.

Oh, I can't wait for all of these! Seriously, I can't voice how happy I am to see your list! I hold so much love for you! :3

P.S - Bradley x Greed!Ling + Edward would = a lot of love! <3

I have an energy drink, plenty of coffee, and a computer in front of me. I'm going to try to finish one of those tonight. XD

Bradley x Greed!Ling +(?) Ed? ...You and Cathy are sadistic.

Not Sadistic, just creative! :D

Oh, and just reread "That voice which calls to me." and you need to add it to your list too. *Smile Smile* I'm trying to widdle more Ling/Ed out of you, can you tell? But seriously... that story is going to haunt me if you don't! D:

I'm working on that one. *laughs* Hopefully, I'll figure out a decent plot line.

...Is anyone allowed to challenge you? Because I fail at characterization.

Yeah. ^^ Just keep in mind that RL is kicking my ass at the moment, so it might take me a little bit . . .

Take as long as you like. You'd be doing me a favor writing it, anyway. So, lately my brain has been eaten by the idea of Ed-homunculus and Al-homunculus as Faith and Truth, respectively. If you could possibly take that and run with it, that would be awesome.

(Deleted comment)
It's going to take me forever to do them anyway. :( I'm very sad like that.

Would you believe I have yet to see the whole anime? ^^;;;

(Deleted comment)
I wonder if that's where Cathy got the idea from.

(Deleted comment)
Joan! *glomps* Definitely added. *^__^*

you know i just read chapter 70 and 71 from the manga
and wondered if you've got some kimbly/ed i your store XDD

I haven't even touched manga! Kimbly/Ed to be honest. *coughs* Maybe at some point?

oh no? you should its really good
erm sorry what do you mean with the last sentence ^^°
(i'm german)

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