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LOZ: Sheik/Link gamma-set
Title: Gamma
Pairing: Sheik/Link
A/N: For 1sentence, 3rd group.
Warnings: Spoilers for OoT and MM.
Rating: R

#01 – Ring: Eying the jewelry in his hand for a moment—the silver showed no sign of tarnish, despite its age, and the ruby on it glistened as brightly as ever—Sheik hastily slipped it back into his pocket before Link could see it; he would give it to the Hero another time.        

#02 – Hero: Link paused outside the Forest Temple, hand light on the Master Sword, and called quietly to Sheik, “Thank you,” too aware of the dead Wolfos right at his heels.

#03 – Memory: It was incredibly hard to move on, to find another lover as Impa encouraged, when his memory kept Link alive for Sheik each and every night.

#04 – Box: To Sheik’s amusement, Link was more fascinated by the puzzle box his gift had been in than the gift itself.

#05 – Run: Wishing that he could ride Epona in this time period, Link ran across the field, only the amusing thought of Sheik having to run around before he claimed his horse making the trip bearable.

#06 – Hurricane: “Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to play that song during a thunderstorm,” Link admitted sheepishly, meeting Sheik’s incredulous gaze and offering the soaked youth a towel.

#07 – Wings: “You don’t have wings!” Sheik howled, watching Link leap from the top of the frozen waterfall; “You don’t have wings!”

#08 – Cold: Somehow, it didn’t surprise Sheik to find Link shivering in the frozen remains of Zora’s Domain, just like it didn’t surprise Link to find the other man not shivering.

#09 – Red: Talking about the friendship that held together the Bolero of Fire, Sheik was proud of himself for not stuttering, stunned by how well Link looked in a red tunic.

#10 – Drink: Slowly, very slowly, Sheik wiped away the remnants of Link’s drink from his face; “Coffee,” he drolly informed the disgusted youth, “isn’t that bad.”

#11 – Midnight: Navi’s lecture about how midnight was for lovers would have been far more entertaining if she wasn’t talking about him and Sheik, Link ruefully discovered.

#12 – Temptation: Watching Link drag the sweaty tunic from his lean form, Sheik desperately reminded himself that mentally, Link was probably still a child and he should at least look away.

#13 – View: “You can watch,” Navi whispered to Sheik, making him start; “Link’s not shy.”

#14 – Music: For two warriors, it was the oddest and most fitting thing in the world to be bound by a small ocarina and a small lyre.

#15 – Silk: “Tell Sheik I’ll buy you two silk sheets for the honeymoon!” Nabooru shouted out to Link, confusing the youth and making Navi giggle.

#16 – Cover: Quietly, Sheik slid the sheet over the hero’s sleeping form, only to be startled when said sleeping hero snatched his wrist and dragged him down.

#17 – Promise: “When this is over, I’ll meet you again, outside the Temple of Time—I promise.”

#18 – Dream: Sheik’s lips were warm and dry on his, his hands calloused and sure, too sure, sure enough that when Link woke up he was hard and aching and his eyes burned.

#19 – Candle: “I think I need to work on my control with Din’s Fire,” Link confided to Sheik, the latter absently kicking the remains of the candle to one side as he bandaged Link’s hands.

#20 – Talent: Staring worriedly between Sheik’s dazed face and the twisted cherry stem in his fingers, Link wondered why the Sheikah was so affected by such a useless trick.

#21 – Silence: Riding Epona through the silent forest, Link couldn’t help but strain his ears in hopes that he would hear Sheik’s lyre.

#22 – Journey: If one’s destination is in the past, Sheik wondered, how could one step forward?

#23 – Fire: In the heart of Death Mountain, untouched by time, the memory of friendship and love lingered, the fiery lava roiling below where two lovers had once stood.

#24 – Strength: In the silence of the night, against intangible dreams, it was far more difficult to be strong than in the daytime, no matter how many foes woke at dawn.

#25 – Mask: Holding the Zora mask in his hands, it was so easy to slip into another identity, Link wistfully thought, so easy to leave one’s own problems behind and adopt another’s.

#26 - Ice: “Well,” Link commented a little too cheerfully, staring at Sheik’s sprawled body, “that ruined your exit.”

#27 – Fall: Staring at his alien hands, too aware of the dark moon scowling down at him, Link wondered miserably if there was any way to go back.

#28 – Forgotten: Seven years seemed a long time to be separated from someone, Sheik reflected, staring silently at the Temple of Time, and memories could be so short.

#29 – Dance: Sheik startled a laugh out of Link as he finally gave up teaching him Sheikah moves and danced with him instead.

#30 – Body: With a sleepy sigh, Link stretched, and Sheik studied the slender form as if it was the last time he would ever see it.

#31 – Sacred: Was this separation his punishment, Sheik wondered, for daring to touch the hero of the goddesses?

#32 – Farewells: Perhaps the worst thing, two warriors reflected, separated by years and worlds, was that they never got the chance to say good-bye.

#33 – World: After listening to Sheik’s vivid explanation concerning the goddesses and the creation of the world, Link replied, “But you still haven’t answered my question: Is it flat or not?”

#34 – Formal: Sheik studied the bruised blond, watching Link munch on what looked to be a burnt rabbit, twigs in his wild blond hair and dirt covering one cheek, and momentarily imagined him in the formal clothes of the Hyrulian court; later, he never explained to Link why he had suddenly burst out laughing.

#35 – Fever: Brushing back the sweaty hair from Link’s forehead, Sheik also tried to brush aside his jealousy as Link cried out for Saria.

#36 – Laugh: Navi huddled in a ball in Link’s abandoned hat, struggling to muffle her laughter as Sheik explained again that Link couldn’t kill a male horse for attempting that with Epona no more than he could kill someone for flirting with Sheik, and no, no one beyond Link had tried, and yes, that was just a random example.  

#37 – Lies: “I’ll see you later!” Link called over his shoulder, sliding the Master Sword into its sheath and walking away from Sheik.           

#38 – Forever: Link silently watched Anju and Kafei, clutched his ocarina, and wished.

#39 – Overwhelmed: Link couldn’t scream, couldn’t say Sheik’s name, could barely even breathe, and Sheik still struggled to take him higher.

#40 – Whisper: Curling against Sheik, Link whispered something in Kokiri in his ear, and Sheik wondered what he had said.

#41 – Wait: For their reunion, Link would have to wait at least seven years; with that in mind, Sheik decided that he, too, could wait.

#42 – Talk: “Big Brother,” Darunia boomed, patting Link’s shoulder and almost knocking him down, “now that you are of age, it is time that we had a talk.”           

#43 – Search: Three months after Link’s departure, Sheik still told himself that it was better to wait in Hyrule than to leave and possibly miss Link, no matter what his heart said.

#44 – Hope: “I’ll wait for him,” Anju had told Link, and staring into the horizon, Link whispered to himself, “Wait for me.”

#45 – Eclipse: Link wondered why, despite the fact that the moon had returned to normal, everything still seemed so dark.

#46 – Gravity: For one moment, one shining moment, the world fell away, and Sheik gripped Link’s waist as Epona effortlessly carried them over Hyrule Field.

#47 – Highway: The road stretched out far into the woods, and Link coaxed Epona forward, telling himself that just because he lost Sheik, it didn’t mean he had to lose Navi, too.

#48 – Unknown: As Sheik watched him, surprised, Link curiously traced the scars of the other blond’s body, brow furrowed with an odd determination as he learned the story behind each.

#49 – Lock: Sheik silently smacked his forehead as he watched his lover carelessly pick the lock of yet another building, wondering why none of the legends had ever mentioned that the Hero of Time would be a kleptomaniac.

#50 – Breathe: Wrapped around Link’s sated form, Sheik discovered how luxurious it was to just lay there and breathe.

Alpha, Beta

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This has been one of my favourite pairings since before I even endorsed slash, and it's great to see someone doing it justice. ^^

#13 was such a Navi moment, so I'm glad she got some time, there. #20 amused me very much.

You did a wonderful job of weaving Majora's Mask into these. ^^ Much love!

It's always refreshing to see someone label this as a favorite pairing. XDDDD Much better than someone not being able to identify it at all.

*^_____^* I'm so happy you liked! And now I'm going to drool over your icon for a while.

So much love to all of these. The humors ones were brilliant, and the endering and sad ones made me go "aww" ;-;

♥ Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for R&R'ing. XD And next time I'll try to make you tear up with the sad ones. ^^

I shall look forward to it ^-^

Haha, so true for #49. I wonder why no one in the game ever said anything when you broke into their house and shattered their pots.

Every time I think of Link, I think of him as a klepto. It's engrained now. XD And in the games, only one person ever comments . . . ever.

*he* Those were cute! write more soon!

Thanks! I think there's still two more sets to go. ^^

Oh wow, I've read the first and second parts of these, and I've just got two things to say:
1) You are MARVELOUS at doing these 1-sentence things! Even though I normally don't have the patience for the rocky and disjointed list 1-sentence fiction, some how each and every last one of these was important and poignant. They were utterly beautiful and somehow fit together seemlessly. So much love for them!
2) for some reason, this group really hit the spot. The mixture or romance and humor, with biting little segments of angst was delicious!

#20 – Talent was my very favorite, hands down! I think it depicts my favorite characterization of the two of them.
Others I enjoyed included, #07 – Wings, #12 – Temptation (and it's follow-up, #13 – View), #23 – Fire, #25 – Mask, #33 – World, #35 – Fever, #36 – Laugh, #37 – Lies, and #49 – Lock

Also, I hadn't thought of it, but the idea presented in #40 – Whisper that Kokiri gets it's own language was neato.

*^___^* Thank you! Particularly for being so specific. And I usually can't read 1-sentence fics, either. ^^;;;;

The Kokiri should get their own language. It only makes sense. ^^

I wub you.

Adopt me? And I really like the way you don't bash Navi. Poor thing's just doing her job, and she does care! ^_^ I also like the little quirks you put in, kleptomania, odd things like the world and cherry stems and flirting.

“You don’t have wings!” Sheik howled, watching Link leap from the top of the frozen waterfall; “You don’t have wings!” Lol. *snerk*

12 and 13 were incredibly hot put together. I mean, I don't think they were supposed to be, but Link not being shy and stripping down in front of Sheik... oh jeez.

“When this is over, I’ll meet you again, outside the Temple of Time—I promise.” Putting this together from 50 of Beta ALSO makes me hurt.

These are so gorgeous. Why have I not read them before? Jesus.

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