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FMA: Al+Ed "Together"

Title: Together
Characters: Alphonse, Edward
Rating: K
Warnings: Fluff, gen
A/N: Belated offering for 3.10
Summary: "Brother?  You . . . you won't leave me, will you?"


"Brother?  Can I sleep with you tonight?"

The hotel ceiling had approximately forty-seven and a half cracks in it, Edward Elric noted, unblinking.  His automail arm hurt the back of his head and his right foot was cold from where he had kicked the blanket off, but he barely noticed.

Edward grunted sleepily and rolled over onto his side.  “Al?” he mumbled.  He rubbed his eyes with a small hand.  He could see his brother in the doorway, his small figure visible in the moonlight shining through the window.  Moonlight meant no thunderstorm, which was Al’s usual reason to creep into his brother’s bed.  Nightmare maybe?  “Okay.  Just hurry up.”

Alphonse lay deathly still on the opposite bed, and Edward shifted just enough to see his little brother out of the corner of his eye.  Lying on his back, Alphonse appeared to be staring at the ceiling, too.  Was he awake?  Was he sleeping?  Could he sleep?

Edward didn’t need the light of the moon to see Alphonse’s sudden smile, and then the small blond was scurrying to his side.  Edward slid over so Alphonse could curl up beside him.  With a yawn, Edward tossed an arm over Alphonse and closed his eyes.

Hating where his thoughts were going, Edward glanced out the window.  In the hours before dawn, the small town was dead.  Even the sky was dull, a quarter moon and a half-hearted sprinkling of stars providing the only light.

In Risenbool, the night sky was always filled with stars.

Just as Edward began dozing back off, Alphonse shifted restlessly beside him.  “Brother?” he whispered.  “You . . . you won’t leave me, will you?”

Someone had once told Edward that everything was darkest before dawn . . . or something along those lines.  Taking it as more optimistic bullshit, Edward had tuned them out.  Many mornings since then, he wished he had paid attention.  Disgruntled, Edward looked away from the dark sky.  Pathetic, really.  He forced his eyes shut.  Dawn would come soon enough and he needed to get some sleep.

Edward creaked one eye open.  “…what the hell brought that on?” he murmured.  Even knowing he and Al were the only ones awake in the house, he kept his voice low.  Last time he had cursed in front of his mother, she had washed his mouth out with soap: the scented kind.

A creak on the other side of the room snapped his eyes open again.  His eyes darted over to the other side of the room, but Alphonse hadn’t moved.  Edward narrowed his eyes.  At least, to the unskilled eye, it would appear that Alphonse hadn’t moved.  He knew better, though.

Alphonse silently huddled against him, his cheek pressed into Edward’s shoulder.  “N-nothing,” he mumbled.  “Good-night, Brother.”

Edward studied his brother’s metal form with a sharp eye, noticing the creased bed sheets by Alphonse’s hand.  The thin pillow under Alphonse’s helmet was torn, as if Alphonse had been pushing his head back into it.  An irrational part of Edward wanted to fluff that pillow, pull that sheet out from under Alphonse and wrap it around his unfeeling form.  Alphonse would probably enjoy being tucked in.

Edward rolled his eyes and tightened his grip around Alphonse.  Nightmare then.  But why would Alphonse ever think that Edward would leave him?  Sighing, he quickly brushed Alphonse’s bangs with the tip of his nose.  “Of course I’ll never leave you, idiot.  Someone has to keep you out of trouble.”

Staring at Alphonse’s still form, Edward abruptly smirked to himself.  Quickly and quietly, he slipped from the bed.  He heard another creak from Alphonse but didn’t look over at him.  Instead, he stood beside the bed and began to shove.  He heard Alphonse move again but still didn’t look up, focusing on the bed.

Ignoring the fact that he was generally the one keeping Edward out of trouble, Alphonse peeked at his brother.  “Really?” he asked hopefully.

By the time Edward had shoved his bed so it was touching Alphonse’s, Alphonse was sitting up and staring at him.  Before his little brother could say a word, Edward clapped his hands and pressed on the bedframe.  Blue lightning momentarily lit up the room.

Edward smiled, closing his eyes again.  “Really really.”  Feeling Alphonse relax in his arms, Edward rested his head on Alphonse’s.

“Brother,” Alphonse whispered.  Edward flashed him a quick smile, crawling onto the now single bed.  Dragging his blanket with him, he leaned against his little brother’s side.

He felt Alphonse smile against him.  “Good-night, Brother.”

“Good-night, little brother,” Edward murmured, closing his eyes.

Thus, when the sun rose on October the third, the brothers were together to greet it.


Tags: fic, fma, gen

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