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tir-synni's random babblings

The best hero is a broken hero.

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More Giftmas Ficlets...some of which I SWORE I posted...
Genetic diversity
SPN RPS: Unnamed J2

Contrary to popular belief, Jensen Ackles wasn’t a size queen.

Size was a bonus, he would admit, in both men and women. He loved heavy breasts and cocks that could split him in half, but despite what Chad so eloquently stated one drunken night (frighteningly eloquent, really), size wasn’t the deciding factor for him. It hadn’t convinced him to stay with Joanna after she had publicly talked about their sex life, and it hadn’t convinced him to sleep with several people more than ready to strip if that meant a shot at his mouth.

Humor was a large part, as was intelligence. It had attracted him to both Danneel and Jared, with Danneel being more than willing to share if she could occasionally watch. Neither would betray him, neither would spill his secrets, and both were great at making him laugh.

Still, the size thing?

On his knees now between scenes, Jared’s hand on the back of his head, steadying him as he thrust gently into Jensen’s mouth, Jensen was more than all right about the size thing. It might be just a bonus, but it was a hell of a bonus.

“Oh, fuck, Jensen…” Jared sighed, leaning against the trailer wall and closing his eyes. They had plenty of time before the next scene, and Jensen was more than happy to milk out every single second. Jared was huge in his mouth, salty against his tongue with the small spurts of precome. Jensen had a towel over him, more than aware of the drool dribbling from his mouth.

Hot, wet, slick, messy.

Perfect for a long break.

Jensen slid down more, relaxed his throat, felt that thick head slide down, down, down. Jared’s other hand was holding his mouth now as his whimpers and curses grew louder. Jensen would have smiled but his mouth was too full for it.

And sliding off, jaw threatening to cramp, cock hard and leaking in Dean’s jeans. Sucking leisurely on the wet head, Jensen slid his hand up and down Jared’s saliva-slicked cock, up and down, smooth, steady strokes.

When Jensen pulled off completely, precome clung to his bruised mouth. “You can come now,” he murmured before sliding back down.

As Jared came with a choked-off groan, Jensen reflected on another size bonus:

It made Dean’s sexy rasp that much easier to do.

Legend of Zelda: Sheik/Link

“Link! We need to go! Come on already! What are you doing?”

Tatl’s annoyance grew with each passing second and her voice was beginning to attract attention, but Link couldn’t move. The small fairy hated to be ignored over everything else and Link knew that, knew that it actually hurt the fairy no matter how much she tried to cover it up, but he honestly couldn’t help it.

“Sheik?” Link whispered, watching the lithe boy slide through the shadows and head toward the center of town. No one seemed to notice the boy go by, but then again, people tended to ignore children, nonetheless Sheikah children.

Did the Sheikah even exist in this world?

He was moving before he knew what he was doing, small feet quickly carrying him toward Sheik. Tatl shrieked a complaint behind him, and Link knew he would have to apologize to her later. The goddesses knew that she had been left behind enough.


Link broke into a run, but the small masked figure had already slipped from view. Determined, Link kept in the same direction. He had to be around here somewhere.

“What did you see?” Tatl demanded above him, abruptly business-like. The ball of light darted around his head, looking for anything unusual. “What are you looking for?”

In front of the clock, it was the same crowd Link saw every day, nothing out of place. His shoulders slumped.

“Nothing,” Link said finally. His voice sounded strange to his ears.

Tatl gave him an odd look but said nothing about their odd chase. She said simply, “Let’s get going then. The Great Fairy isn’t going to be able to piece herself together by herself.”

Link nodded glumly and started walking west. From the shadows, red eyes watched, confused and disturbed by the strangest sense of déjà vu.

Then the third day passed and time reset and the feeling was gone.

FF7 ficlet

“I smell like your girlfriend.”

Cloud sounded so glum that Zack had to laugh. He laughed even harder when Aeris swatted Cloud on the ass, making him yelp.

“You make that sound like a bad thing,” she commented tartly, but her sparkling eyes gave her away. Zack had to step away for a moment and try to catch his breath as Cloud stumbled through apologies and explanations.

When Zack could breathe again, he walked back and inspected Cloud. The blond looked like he was in rapturous study of the church’s pews, like he wished he was one of them right now…which was perfectly possibly, all considering.

“Quit fidgeting,” Aeris scolded, smacking Cloud’s ass again and making him yelp. Considering Zack didn’t see Cloud fidget, he decided that Aeris had just wanted to smack Cloud’s ass.

“You said that you wanted to help Seph,” Zack reminded Cloud, proud of himself for keeping his voice steady. If he laughed again, Cloud was probably going to kill him. “Unless you thought of something else…?”

Cloud was adorable when he was sulking. Zack wanted to take a picture, but he valued his life. It was just one of those things.

Cloud was still grumbling under his breath when Aeris stepped back to study him. “Perfect!” she exclaimed, delighted. “I mean, your hips are a little boyish, but…”

It was rare that Cloud glared Black Death at Aeris, but considering he was currently wearing one of Aeris’ dresses, the glare had little to no effect.

“Screw Seph,” Zack commented admiringly, walking around Cloud. “You can be MY date at the Officer Ba--Ow! Aeris!”

Not satisfied in the least watching Aeris hit Zack, Cloud crossed his arms over his padded chest and scowled.

He was pretty sure this wasn’t what the General meant when he complained about the lack of company at the President’s table.

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I think you mailed that fic to me. I still adore it though!

I love the FFVII fic. Hmm, no wonder Aeris was so quick to get Cloud to crossdress...

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