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tir-synni's random babblings

The best hero is a broken hero.

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Slight ranting before I try to focus on Doing Stuff
Two words I actually hate: Atheism and Feminism.

I hate that there has to be a word to state that I am religion-free. It sounds silly. You can't just be without religion, no. You have to have a word for it. Honestly, it just sounds silly! Do you need other words to describe things you are not? Because when you get down to it, all atheism means is no religion, no deity. It doesn't describe your belief system. It doesn't describe you. If you grew up completely without religion, you could be an atheist. If you grew up with religion and decided it didn't make sense, you could be an atheist. It is not an automatic link to other beliefs, including humanism. I don't believe in deities. I don't believe in religion. Seriously. Silly. It also speaks of just how strong religion is in the world when you need an independent word to say that you aren't a part of it.

Now feminism. We actually need a fucking word to state that we believe women should have equal rights as men, that women are on equal standing as men. We need a word for that. We need to word to describe that. That is insane. That is beyond silly: that is insane. Men don't need a word to state that they have the right to certain rights. Women do. Another word that says a lot about the world, and none of the things it says are good.

Then you think about the negative rap both words receive. Then you think about all the myths that center around these two words. Then you think about all the hatred and self-righteousness and fury these two words receive. Not only do these words need to exist, but a lot of people think they're filthy, outrageous, and damnable.

I don't know what pisses me off about those two words: that they exist or that they NEED to exist.

Next rant: Energy drinks.

They were recently in the news. Five people have died allegedly due to their consumption of energy drinks. People are now throwing a fit.


Really, people? Really?

I'm trying to figure out a good place to start with this.

First off, caffeine is a drug. Stunning, I know. Even if you get a caffeine-free energy drink, it'll have a note stating you should limit your consumption of energy drinks per day. You are still putting an outside substance into your body with the intent of changing how your body is currently working, in this case to provide you with energy. Just because something is readily available does not mean it can't harm you if you abuse it. People think cocaine and such are the only harmful drugs because they're illegal. No. Too much aspirin? Drug abuse and can seriously fuck you up. Caffeine? Stimulant which affects various areas of your body. It can definitely fuck you up. If you have enough COFFEE, you could be required to go to the hospital. If you CHOOSE to consume too many energy drinks, you have effectively abused a drug, and you are dealing with the consequences. Do not bitch at others for your own stupidity.

Parents. DEFINITELY do not bitch out companies for the stupidity of your teenagers or children. If you are willingly allowing your child to consume as much as you want, that says a lot about your parenting, not the company. One parent KNEW her daughter was drinking the energy drink like water and KNEW she had a heart condition. "Well, the doctor said she could have caffeine." There's a difference between the regular amount of caffeine which is usually consumed and an extreme amount. It's like the doc okay'ing soda and then the kid clearing out a case by herself. Don't blame the doctor or the company for someone's extremism. If the child is under a certain age, the can flat-out states the child should not have the drink. If you say nothing when your child drinks that energy drink down like water consistently for several days, you get a portion of the blame. Shut your fucking mouth about lawsuits.

Have some sort of awareness of what is going into your body and your child's body. At least have that level of responsibility. If you choose to forfeit that responsibility, you can not try to lay it on someone else later.

For parents who tried to curb their child's drinking by laying out the facts and your child refused, you still can't blame the company. Feel free to call your child an idiot, though, and watch them when they try to clean up their own vomit. Maybe it would be a good learning experience for them.

Easily attainable drugs are still drugs, kiddos. Just think: aspirin is worse than most illegal drugs to OD on. Funny fact, huh?

Now to eat dinner and Do Stuff.

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