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I've drowned and dreamt this moment...
So I bought the house on the fifth and moved in on the twelfth. There was a lot of frantic running around both before and after that due to not only packing but getting the apartment cleaned up before the end of the month. But that's not the bad part.

I lost internet when I moved.

I just got it back this past Saturday. I needed to switch internet providers. In the meantime, working on my online class really, really sucked.

Still, victory now? Kinda? Internet, but not wireless. I'm debating if I should try for wireless. Being limited as to where I can get on the net should make it easier to write.

On the writing note....Giftmas time. I'll make a post tomorrow about it. It's late and I've spent the last month completely slammed, as well as already working on some fics, but I want to at least do drabbles. If nothing else, my writing has been pushed down to the bottom of my priority list lately, and I would love to do drabbles to exercise the old mental muscle. I'll do a post for those who want drabbles tomorrow and try to mail them all out next week. :)

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Good to see you back on line! I hope the move went smoothly and you're getting settled in comfortably. Have fun and enjoy the new space!

Sooon, the decorating will begin...

decorating is the fun part!!

I went two weeks without net and was planning originally on going more since I wasn't going to actually /be/ here - plans changed, though, so I was like NETNETNET.

Got it on the hottest day of the month and spent the whole day glued to it. With 100+ weather, I did not feel so guilty.

CONGRATS on the house!!! Yeah, that whole, I don't have cable or internet thing when you first move in can be daunting. There should be a service with your internet provider to have them set up wireless for you (I know I couldn't do it with a map and a set of instructions all written with words of two syllables or less ><). Good luck!

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