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desire never leaves
So I took an unexpected hiatus. I will not go into details, but I will say that January was a Bad Month. Yeah. I'm all for forgetting its existence now. Maybe I got all of the bad energy out in the first month and the rest will be fantastic?

All Giftmas fics were either emailed or mailed (not counting poor Arin's, whose is sitting on my desk now in its envelope). If you didn't get yours, just email or PM me. There is always at least one person who didn't get theirs. *coughs*

Now trying to get back into the swing of things and determine if there's any time I can take off. (Dina, turns out Friday probably won't work, but I'm going to try, anyway.) It's early in the year, but damn I want a vacation.

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um? I don't think I got mine? (Dude, January? What January!?) However, I may have and don't remember it, what the way the year's been going. This year will either be royally excellent, or utterly despicable, and I may not be able to tell which until October.lol. Hope things are better this month.

Funny: Had a group project/test grade thing, one student says, "Oh my God, this is so hard." Another reaches across the table, takes her hand and says, "Do you need Jesus in your life? Can I get an 'A-men'?", and the whole class says "A-men!"
...well, I laughed.

Gah. I just realized something. Ignore me, I'm a dolt. :)

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