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I kept the secrets in my mind...there is a voice I can't deny
So today I accidentally marched in the Gay Pride Parade. It was pretty fun, if you ignored the rain. I got to blow kisses at the protesters.

Khan/Kirk is a delicious pairing provided people keep in mind that Kirk hates Khan for killing Pike and Khan is a genocidal dictator. It is one of those beautifully twisted pairings I love so much. Writing them is a tad difficult, but if nothing else, it helps get the damned reluctant brain thinking. Still, there is so much dark potential there!
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I was there last night, it was a blast and I drove down this afternoon but couldn't get parking with all that was going on and finally gave up. I hope you had fun!

It was pretty fun except the rain. I had on my black fedora, which helped. I think people were happy for the excuse to pull out the rainbow umbrellas!

as long as you had fun... ^_^ it's a pretty cool crowd, at least the people I was hanging out with were.

I wish I had been able to hang out more and that the rain wasn't that bad, but I suppose that's Pittsburgh for you. :)

We should get together again for coffee sometime. It's been a while.

yeah... it has been, I've been playing hermit except for Pride. We should do coffee or something again some time, it was nice to get together.

I made plans to go out and do stuff, but damned feminine issues interfered. Every time they do, I want to kick a guy in the nuts. Just because. Maybe try for something Thursday or Friday?

Sorry I got caught up in getting ready for my vacation... going camping and had to find my tent and all that, it sort of eats away at on line time. Maybe we can plan something for when I'm back in the civilized world?

Speaking of the new Star Trek, am I the only one who sees the abbreviation STID and thinks Sexually Transmitted Infectious Disease?

...if I didn't before, now I do.

The possibilities for hate/lust are intriguing. BC was awesome in his presence in it.

People protest still at those parades? Bizarre. I'm insulated I guess. Thought we were mostly all grown up about that now.

Out of who knows how many people, there were two. It was actually hilarious.

Oh yes. BC was awesome and seriously? The potential? Also awesome. XD

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