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Wonder Woman or Sex Interest, anyone?
I sometimes fear that in everyone’s urgency to promote feminism, they’re instead doing the opposite. Mako Mori from Pacific Rim helps make my case. How many people’s immediate reaction was to say she was there for eye candy or be a romantic interest rather than stand alone as a strong, independent character? How many people, even after seeing the movie, were quick to either sexualize her or point out every instance where she failed to act how they thought a “strong female" should? How are we, in our attempts to promote strong female characters, instead holding women to the same type of inhuman standard that we bitch at other people for doing (i.e., Virgin or Whore)? This entry was originally posted at http://tir-synni.dreamwidth.org/35155.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

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So glad to see that I wasn't the only one annoyed about that. Once she got to be the second pilot, her lines evaporated and wasn't she supposed to be the smart one? The one who had STUDIED, oh, everything and therefore should have been able to add her two-cents worth in every now and then?

I think the issue with Pacific Rim is more that there was only one female character (the Russian pilot was barely a presence) and therefore she had to be every female archetype for everyone which is impossible and so someone was bound to be disappointed. If there are multiple main female characters, the onus of being a 'strong female character' is spread amongst them and I think, it draws less criticism because those who find fault in one can turn to others to be as they can represent different types of strength and independence.

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