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the cold night freezing up my sins
So the last month has been a tad busy. My sister moved up here in July and spent the first part of August adjusting, and then my brother visited, and then catching up with work due to taking a week off, there was a slight incident with my car in which my entire front left wheel tried to make a break for it, and I'm leaving for London on Thursday and meeting an awesome friend. So...a tad busy. A tad.

So my hope is upon my return everything will actually calm down. Nothing is planned for a while after that. I have a feeling that, by then, I will be very grateful for a break.

For all those not yet into Welcome to Night Vale, please start. It's awesome.

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Don't forget to avoid wheat and wheat byproducts!

I hope things calm down for you soon. Have a safe and fun trip!

Busy but it sounds like most of it is in a good way... *shame on the tire*

I have heard great things about Welcome to Night Vale I may have to jump on this bandwagon!

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