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tir-synni's random babblings

The best hero is a broken hero.

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Slut!Ed-verse: Ceiling Curse/Ed: Accent; Winry/Ed: Wrench Weddings; Yoki/Ed: Drinks; Greed!Ling/Ed/Al: Immortal Offerings; Alter!Ed/Ed: Revenant; Roy/Ed/Al: Paradigm Shift; Greed!Ling/Ed/Envy: Sharing; Pinako/Ed: Debts; Izumi/Ed: Still Breathing; Chimera/Ed: A Little Thing Called Loved; Ed/Book: Turning Pages; Farman/Ed: Regret; Alfons/Ed: First Day of Eternity; Roy/Ed/Ling/Envy: Obsession, Russell/Ed/Al/Fletcher's Untitled, Sieg/Ed's Never Too Small, Scar/Ed's Perversions of the Innocent, Archer/Ed/Wrath's Shadows, Marcoh/Ed's Worth of a Sacrifice, Gluttony/Ed's Hunger, Al/Ed/Fury's Keeping Company, Mustang/Ed/Havoc's When the Hawk's Away, Armstrong/Ed's Armstrong Family Technique, Gran/Ed's Recklessness, Cornello/Ed's Rebound, Hughes/Ed's A Helping Hand and its companion ??/Ed's Falling Blindly, Envy/Ed's Letting Him Live, Greed/Ed's Defenseless, Hoho/Ed/Al's Dante's Inferno, Greed/Ed/Al's Diamond, Gatelings/Ed's Good Intentions; Bard/Ed's Night and Day,

Fletcher/Ed: Impressions, Taking Action, What One Does for Love

Scar/Ed/Al: For a Time, A Simple Touch, Runaway Train

Bradley/Ed: Hospital Visits

Roy/Ed: Kitten Tales; Moonlight Recriminations; The Dance; Fortitude; Concupiscence: Death & Concupiscence: Anarchy I & Conscupisence: Anarchy II; Sick Leave Part I and Part II and Part III; Birthday Gifts; A Late Lunch; Primacy; Valentine's Card; Hazard; A Touch of a Cold; Where the Sun Don't Shine; Sine Qua Non; Beautiful; An Ace in the Deck; Obsession;  

Havoc/Ed: Becoming Adequate; Oral Fixation; Heat; Simply Irresistable

Ling/Ed: All or Nothing; A Helpful Kiss; Rose Petals; Nameless; Selfishness; Fit for an Emperor & Cyclamen; Love's Chemistry; Another Night; Apple Slices; One Moment; A Royal Massage; Scars & Right Here; That Voice Which Calls to Me & And Says My Name; Encounters & Unexpected Meetings; Culmination of Sin; The Meaning of Greed; A Long Day with slight Garfiel/Ed & Until Sundown & A New Day; Breathplay; Coital Chats & In-Law; Afterglow; Silver Rain; Burning; Sweetening; A Matter of Protection; HauntedBreak Time;  Won't Fall Forever; The Travels: Prologue, Chapter I

Roy/Ling/Ed: Checkmate, Rematch, Game Over and its mini sequels by velvet_mace *cuddles vel* and me followed by Ambitious, Middle Ground; Good Politics; Claim

Hoho/Ed: Truth; A Memory of Beauty, A Father's Touch, and Implications of Agreement; Warmer; Too Close; Daddy; Sins; Worship; One Dipped Wing 

Elricest: Keeping It Personal; A Little Bit of Sensitivity; Just A Feeling

Russell/Ed: Lost in the Rain; Watering the Garden; The Hours in Between and Twelve Hours and Kissing You; A Brief Interlude and A Brief Visit; Dualism; Tomorrow's Light; Fumble; Seedless; A Memory for Tomorrow

Alfons/Edward: Be There; Blind, Sleepless, Discarded Theory; Dream Away; All I Have to do is Dream;

Roy/Edward/Alphonse: Over a Cup; AcceptanceBehind Closed Doors 

Trisha/Ed: Desire; O Holy Mother; Deep Silent Complete

Tucker/Ed: Ache; Priceless; Timeless; Unwell

Pinako/Armstrong: Family Arts

Bradley/Alphonse: Soft Touch

Riza/Winry: Unchanging

Trisha/Hohenheim: HallelujahForbidden Fruit

Coffee: Roy, Riza, Armor!Alphonse, Black Hayate

Stockholm Series: Possession, Chained, Trapped, Collared

Manga!Series Ling/Ed: FallingSleepless, Sleep Aid, Unforeseen Complications, Speaking Clearly, Rude Meetings, This Chance, Sacrifices, Parallels;

: Ed/Hughes:Far From Home; Archer/Ed: Another Reason, Slicer Brothers/Ed: Irony, Kimbley/Ed: Counting Down

Misc: Envy/Ed: Mimicry; Roy/Havoc: Lubrication; Hohenheim/Roy: Shifting; Pinako/Hohenheim: One Night; Envy/HavocTrial and Error; OC/Ed: Sinner; Greed!Ling/Bradley: Discussions; Broche/Ed: Half a Chance & SirWinry/Ed: Love and StoplightsAlfons/alter!Ed: Time of Your LifeSadafons/Edward: Sweet Lullabies; Misc/Pride!Ed: Tarnished GoldGate/Scieska: Tourniquet; Riza/Ling: Heartbreaker ; Roy/Al: Bound by Sin

General: Never Say Good-Bye; The Written Word; Dreamless & Dreaming; Chicken Soup; A Newly Opened Mind; Untitled; Left Behind; Lasting Impression; Snow; Weepy!Ed; Breathe, File, A Bit More Care; Angels Fall First; Birthday; Together; Lasting; A Mug of Piss; Showdown; God of War; Snakebite; A Moment in Time; Dark of the Night; The Act of TranslationThe Gas is on the Right; Balled Up


Knives/Vash: Geranium: Part I -- Section I, Section II, Drabble

Wolfwood/Vash, Knives/Vash
: Crucifix, Allergies and Music, Forgive Me, Desperado

Other: Ingway/Vash: Extraordinary: Part I, Part II

Rurouni Kenshin:

Sanosuke/Kenshin: At First Sight, Always Here; Hunger & Fear; Different LivesPrologue, Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chapter V, Chapter VI

General: Unforgiven, Kurushimi no Dorei

Final Fantasy VII:

Ripples AU: The Lab, Nibelhelm, Coffin, Sin, Drugs, Ripples, Time, Wings, Flames, Falling, Reunion, Coming, Countdown

Phantom, Too Many Yesterdays, Memory+Consangineous, Split-Second; Secrets, Secrets Interlude I. Boy, Secrets Interlude II: Part I, Part II, Part III

Normal; Unexpected Side-Effects: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IVPart V, Part VIPart VII,    

Reno/Cloud: A Simple Conversation

Zack/Cloud/Aeris: Beginnings; Scent of Flowers: Forbidden, Alone, Hidden, Dreaming, Bloodlines, Kisses, Giving Up, Surprise

Life is But; Eternity & Waiting



Lilies & Curses

Fairy Tales & Freedom; Point of Contention; For the Sake of a Smile; Helping Hand; Limits of a Man; 

Off the Clock

Cousins and Tea

Aeris/Tifa: Always a SurpriseDazed and Confused

Misc: Seph/Kadaj, Seph/Cloud: untitled drabble, Rufus+Cloud: Spirals & Windows, Hojo+Aeris: One Second; Turkfic: Always, Cloud: A Shade Away;


John/Dean: Curse Between Us;  

Wincest: Slayer of Dragons;  Your Sacrilege for Today; In Love's Name; Somewhere; To the Setting Sun; Too Many Steps Down; If Only for This

Broken Series: Part I, Part IIPart III, Part IV 

OMC/Dean: Goût de Métal; Burning Bright;  

Gen: The Rest is Silence; Life is Beautiful; Flying;  

RPS: A Moment of Dreaming; Physical Therapy;

Final Fantasy IX:

Amarant/Zidane: Crossroads

Kuja/Zidane: Ivory Shadows

Blank/Zidane: Happy Endings; Not With a Bang, But...;

Kuja/Garnet: Canary's Lullaby

Gen: Useless Treasures

Legend of Zelda:

Alpha, Beta, Gamma; Protector


Petshop of Horrors: Under the Full Moon, During the Night

Inu-Yasha: For Eternity

Harry Potter: Draco/Harry: Yet Another Protector: Part IPart II, Part III, Part IV

Kingdom Hearts: Riku/Sora: drabble; Riku/Sora/Kairi: drabble; Roxas/Sora: drabble, Leon/Cloud: Evolving into Rain

Fruits Basket: HaruYuki: Challenge

??/Naruto: Alone

FF8: Squall/Rinoa: The Storm & Never in Asking

LoTR: Eowyn/Faramir: Soft and Shining

Partially updated 02/22/09 with major thanks to [info]crystal_lilly...otherwise, even this update wouldn't exist.  ^_~


There's more, but it tends to get to the older (and thus crappier) stuff.  Subject to change.

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So when do we get to see Chapter 2 of Geranium? Oh and I updated Plants in the City if you're still following that. Love the Ingway/Vash pairing, BTW.

*scratches head sheepishly* I've been reading it but haven't really been leaving reviews on ff.net recently. I'll jump on that tonight. Sorry. *coughs*
The next chapter should be soon. All I really have to do is put the parts in order.
XD Thanks! And prettttty icon. You have a Zelda fic written, right?

Wow. As much as I adore your FMA fics I just read Different Lives. And I must say I really really like it. Kenshin and Sano! Whee!

lol Thanks! ^^ Now I just have to convince myself to get back to it.

::stares at it:: doing this would kill me I think

I have no life. Or anything approaching one.

YEA, thank you... memories...

There went my afternoon off....

So, I got home this morning from working third-shift, and I started poking around online looking for pretty FMA pron. And I stumbled across your LJ. And I started reading and fell in love. And I have now been awake for over 24 hours straight, because I insisted on reading everything instead of going to bed. I do believe that you're getting friended (love me back, pretty please?) and this archive is so getting memoried. *^_^*

*staggers off to finally pass out and dream about Armor!AlxEd, inspired by the hotness that is your Elricest fics... and promptly be gnawed to death by bunnies that demand sketches based on said fics* Must... resist... urge to pick up pencil... until body stops clamoring for sleep...

Re: There went my afternoon off....

You did finally pass out, right? Finally got some sleep? *stares worriedly*

*coos* Dreams of Elricest prettiness . . . Go, bunnies, go! ...Sleep first, though. Yeah. *coughs*

Soooo... should one assume that "Never Tear Us Apart" is discontinued? =( *just found it randomly on geocities*

^^;;; Actually, I'm currently in the process of rewriting that. The rewrite's going well, so it should be up within the next two weeks.

I have to say that I love your fanficions, but I have been meaning to ask if you are going to make more chapters for Never Tear Us Apart II. Found it on a site by you, but it says that it was last updated on 04/18/05.

That site's been abandoned, actually. *blinks* I had thought that I switched all links to here.

The whole fic is being revamped. It's hard to update a fic when you can't stand looking at it. ^^ However, the revision is going well. Unless RL kicks my ass again, it should be up soon.

Hello! I just came upon your lj via the myprettypuppet community and would just like to say I really like your fics (esp. the ff7 and fma ones).

My babies. XD Thank you.

Will Secrets ever be updated again? Fanfiction.net hasn't been updated since May...I'm loosing hope.

I just wanted to comment on how much I loved Seraphic Cemetry. For some reason the link you had provided for this story does not work. Anyway I was wondering if Chapter 7 will be the last of the story? I just loved all the chacacters in the story. They are rich with details. Thanks again for posting the story!

Re: Seraphic Cemetry

Yeah, I gave up on that. While I haven't fallen completely out of Naruto, I don't think I'm ever going to get back into it enough to write anything serious. SC's good and dead . . . and I really should nix those dead links. *coughs*

Hi! I've been a fan of your Zelda fanfiction for a while. It seems like forever ago, but whatever happened to After the Master Sword II? If I'm not just making this up in my head, I think it linked After the Master Sword and Ghosts of the Past.

Am I totally wrong?

I'd love to read it again (if it even ever existed) :P.

It's exists here even if I completely forgot about it. ^^;; *coughs*

What are the chances for more Secrets or Unexpected Side-Effects? (Both of which are wonderful and grand and all things good)

Good chances for both. RL is just stalling them a bit. ^^;;;

Hi there!! you dont know me, but i do know your writing. i found you on i think noire sensus, and then i found a personal page with your writing. i am especially in love with your CloudXsephXZach stories ( bobs up and down) i hope you dont mind me friending you on my lj so i can keep an eye out for your newer stuff. Are you going to write more to the Secrets fic? things were getting sooo exiting! You do still post on Adultfanfiction dont you?
greetinx... Kelticelf

The CloudxSephxZack story is the priority at the moment, but Secrets will be updated. ^^;;; Just not sure when.

And I'm always good with friending. XD Just not so good on the aff.net front. They annoyed me at some point, and since I wasn't too good at keeping my fics updated there, I simply pulled them down. *shrugs*