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tir-synni's random babblings

The best hero is a broken hero.

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FMA: Greed!Ling/Ed "Encounters"
Do you see the reason now why I had problems studying for my American Lit. test?

Title: Encounters
Pairing: Greed!Ling/Ed
Warnings: AU, manga spoilers
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Both Ling and Greed agreed: the short blond across the street was entrancing.


Yao Ling was greedy.  He knew it, accepted it, and believed it his right as future emperor of Xing.  If he wanted something, he claimed it, one way or another.  If it was beautiful and/or unique, all the better.

Fortunately for Ling, Greed also held those beliefs.  When Ling met the Father several months ago, He had foolishly believed if he gave Greed life once more, Greed would fall in line.  Instead, Greed had decided he liked Ling’s attitude, he liked Ling’s ambitions, and most importantly, he liked the idea of being Emperor.  Together, Ling and Greed had slipped away from the Father’s control and set out to fulfill their ambitions.  Their union was perfect.  Their actions and thoughts were in sync.  Sometimes, Ling believed their culmination had been inevitable.

And right now, each agreed that the short blond on the other side of the street was entrancing.  Humming thoughtfully to himself, Ling stuck his hands in his pockets and strolled down the sidewalk, one black eye on the blond at all times.  Greed helpfully provided commentary on the blond as Ling avoided the other people on the sidewalk.  He had to be a state alchemist, as the only library nearby was meant for state alchemists, and Greed doubted that he had been carrying that pile of books for too long.  He was small but Greed guessed his age to be about sixteen.  Greed’s hunger thrilled through Ling.  For this beauty alone, this dangerous trip to Central was worth it.

I think you’re a little dehydrated, Ling.  Ling smirked inwardly at the amusement in Greed’s voice.

I think you’re right, Ling agreed merrily.  Swiftly and silently, the prince crossed the street.

Oh yes.  The little blond was definitely adorable.  A bookworm, by all appearances.  Ling drank him in as he moved closer.  He couldn’t see the blond’s eyes, but the elegant line of his cheek and his thick golden hair enchanted both Ling and Greed.  The blond was reading one book while juggling four other thick tomes.  While neither Ling nor Greed was normally attracted to scholars, they couldn’t resist the urge to taste the little blond.

Besides, they would need a scholar in their group.

One . . . Greed murmured.  For a moment, Ling’s eyes shimmered violet.  Two . . .

Three, Ling finished.

The little blond yelped and scrambled to hold his books as Ling collapsed on the sidewalk in front of him.  One book narrowly missed his head.  Greed hummed, imagining later recounting the use of a soul for that particular death.  Then the other books were lightly put down, the blond kneeling beside him.  Ling could already hear a small crowd gathering.

“Hey, you.”  Hmm.  The blond’s voice was deeper than they thought.  Ling raised a mental eyebrow as the blond rudely poked him.  “You alive or what?”

Well.  That reaction was unexpected.

Hearing the rising murmurs around him, Ling cracked open an eye and stared plaintively at the blond’s face.  His breath caught; he felt Greed freeze inside him.  The blond frowned.  “What the hell is the matter with you?  Do you need a doctor?”

Ling felt laughter bubbling in his throat, recognizing it as Greed’s.  That was all right.  He wanted to laugh, too.  Only once before had he seen golden eyes like that.

On the Father.

The blond’s frown deepened, and Ling mentally shook himself.  He forced a weak smile.  “Thirsty,” he whispered, making a show of swallowing.  The blond scowled at him.

“Then why didn’t you get yourself something to drink?” he snapped, reaching for the books again.  Ling found himself grabbing the blond’s arm.  It took him a moment to realize Greed had made the motion.  Greed’s power hummed just beneath the surface, but he still allowed Ling control.  If Ling’s eyes transformed into violet, it would certainly attract attention.  Too late, they realized they couldn’t afford any more attention brought to them.

“I’m new to this country,” Ling explained, keeping his face piteous, attempting to soften the sudden sharpness in those frighteningly golden eyes.  “I just wanted to explore this city . . . but now I’m so thirsty.”  His eyes were wide in his pale face.  “Please?”

The blond’s fierce expression was nothing like the Father’s demure features.  Ling wanted to reach out and touch that lovely face.  Greed advised caution.  This one would be theirs, but he needed tamed first.  Otherwise, they would feel the sharpness of his teeth.

“How the hell did you get this far without money?” the blond grumbled, falling back on his heels.  Seeing Ling awake and aware, the crowd had begun to disperse.  However, a few were still there, staring fascinated at the pair.

Ling realized he was still holding the blond’s arm.  It took him another moment to realize that the arm wasn’t flesh and bone.  Greed shivered with anticipation inside of him. 


Ling resisted the urge to lick his lips.

“I’m so thirsty,” Ling mewled, neatly avoiding answering.  He all but batted his eyes at the blond.  “Please?”

In the end, the blond never relented on the drink.  Everyone else answered for him.  Because of them, Ling found himself happily dining on far more than water.  The blond scowled at Ling as the homunculus sat across from him in the diner, eating and talking nonsensically.  All the while, Ling studied the blond.  Never did he imagine such a connection to the Father in Central.  But those were definitely the Father’s eyes.  In all their travels, neither Greed nor Ling had ever seen another soul with such brilliant golden eyes.

Of course, it was rumored that Hohenheim of the Light’s title was based on the color of his eyes.

Definitely a precious commodity, Greed decided.  A beautiful state alchemist with automail and connections to the Father.  We cannot give him up.

Ling grinned cheerfully at the blond, delighting in the returning snarl.  And we won’t.

“Are you done yet, you goddamn mooch?” the blond growled.

Deliberately, Ling popped another fry into his mouth.  Not normally to his taste but how could he turn it down after this feisty blond slammed the plate on the table in front of him?  “Don’t worry,” he replied gaily, grabbing another fry.  “I can pay you back tenfold.”

The blond growled.  “How?” he replied snidely.  “Collapsing on my enemies?”

Ling barely refrained from smirking.  “May I have the name of my rescuer?” he asked instead.  The blond twitched violently, recognizing Ling’s change of subject this time.  Still, he answered.

“Edward Elric.”  Ling waited a moment, but there was no recognition to the name, either the surname or the first name, by Greed.  He recognized the name, but only as the legendary Fullmetal Alchemist.  He didn’t remember any Elric being tied with the Father.

Fullmetal Alchemist.

Ling smiled charmingly.  The blond had no idea how that name had sealed his fate.

“Well?” Edward demanded.  “What’s your name?”



“Prince Yao Ling of Xing,” Ling replied merrily.  “It’s my pleasure to meet you.”

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ohhhhh.....can we be expecting more of this?

I love the fact that Greed and Ling are so alike...and that, even when their thinking seperately, they're thinking the same thing. It's so... like them.

There's one thing I'm curious about, though. In the manga, Ed was there when Ling became Greed, and in this version he obviously hasn't met Ling yet. So how did Ling meet the Father?

This 'verse does have a lot of possibilities. That's all I can say at the moment. ^^;;;; If I do continue this 'verse, I will explain (or half-way explain) the oddities that separates this 'verse from the canon. ^^

you have an amazing ability to bend the full metal world to your whims, hehe..and make it work ever so nicely. Especially when lingxed is involved, and remarkably even greed!lingxed, lol.

yay! Hope to see more of this one too!! (you do realize that you now have two lingxed ficlets which the fangirls will be hounding you about, yes? haha)

The LingxEd pairing hasn't really been explored (at least compared to the older and more anime-based pairings), so there's lots of room to maneuver. Not that I'm complaining. XD

FMA needs more LingxEd fangirls. *^____^*

O_O;*hugs this fic tightly* What is this alternate universe where Ling hasn't met Ed yet? Sweet.*worships you in all your greatness*
You own my body, soul and mind I hope you realize that....

*happily pockets body, soul, and mind* Just so you know, I don't give refunds. *^_____^*

Loved it!!!!!!!! It's a great story!
I'm definitely starting to like this pairing XD

Check out velvet_mace, fireun, and furiouscupofcat (just to name a few). Excellent way to get hooked on this pairing. XD

Oh, I'm a big fan. I really like this--You've got the greed part of them down pat! I'd love to see more.

OMIGOSH! I worship you! You and this wonderful work of imagination and LingxEd-ness. *Gets on hands and knees and begs for more.*

*^_____^* Seeing what I can do! *takes pic for later*

I've always wanted to believe that Greed and Ling can, in fact, work together and be unstoppable. AND YOU WROTE IT!!! Lovely content, especially the private chats between Greed and Ling. The last 'ours' just added everything needed ^^ Hope to see more soon.

Greed's the perfect Sin for Ling. That or Lust. Depends on your POV. XD

I would just like to say that you approached the union of Ling and Greed very well. I found that it seemed that even though Greed stated he had taken Lings body, he still seems to show alot of the characteristics of Ling. ( Not counting the little statement he made to Wrath which was an obviouse give-away :D) Theyre kinda a mix between the two of them ...:nod:

Anyway, I think you handled that very nicely... but also Im loveing this AU. And the interaction with Ling and Ed in this is so inticeing... I have to admit, Id love to see more. ;)

There's a lovely mix between the two. I think that's why Greedling attracted the attention he did. XD I think Greedling attracted more attention quicker than Ling alone.

Mmmmm! Greed!LingxEd, this is going to be soooo much fun. :) I like the way you intertwined but still kept Greed and Ling having separate conciousnesses. I'm looking forward to what you write next!

Greed!LingxEd. *purrrrrrrr* It's always fun. ^_~

Oooh, nice AU idea.

I'm biting!

Another awesome fic! (For some when you wrote Yao Ling I thought it said Yaoi Ling...)

I'm pretty sure they're similar for a reason . . .

God, I love your brain and the ideas it comes up with. *g*

Seriously, this is a great AU, and I hope you continue. Greed!Ling is fascinating, and I'm already curious how this AU-verse came to be.

Fortunately, I have a nice headful of ideas for this 'verse. Unfortunately, I actually have to type them all down. -_-;;;

*resumes staring at icon*

*stares* OMFG, pretty... *_*

You must continue this, for my sanity's sake. It's just so very, very pretty. *continues to stare, then re-reads*

Greed and Ling are so alike and you're right they're in sync that they even have their eyes on Ed.

I want you to continue this really badly, I want too know what happens when Greed comes out to play with HIS beautiful alchemist!!!!!

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