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tir-synni's random babblings

The best hero is a broken hero.

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FMA: Roy/Ed/Al "Paradigm Shift"
Title: Paradigm Shift
Pairing: slight Roy/Ed/Al
Warnings: maybe some slight spoilers; sexual thoughts
Rating: PG-13(?)
Summary: Roy had never looked at the brothers that way before.

Paradigm Shift

When Roy Mustang had first met Edward and Alphonse Elric, the former had been a tiny, sickly eleven-year-old and the latter had been a hulking suit of armor.  Unsurprisingly, that first impression stayed with Roy over the years, even after the infamous brothers had proved themselves to be brilliant, creative, and courageous young men.  He supposed that was why he proved to be immune to Edward’s supposed beauty and Alphonse’s charm.  That first impression had made Roy fiercely protective of the brothers, but otherwise, he thought himself above the adoration that followed them.

Until he had seen the brothers, now whole and healthy, twined together on his office couch and laughing.

Both Edward and Alphonse paused when he entered the room, slender legs still wrapped around each other’s, Alphonse’s head resting on Edward’s right shoulder.  Roy consciously knew the reason behind their intimacy: both brothers were rejoicing being fully together once more.  Every day, Edward thrilled in being able to touch his brother, always finding some reason or another to finger Alphonse’s soft cheek or toss an arm around his shoulders.  Alphonse enthusiastically returned the favor, lost in the sensations and constantly reminding himself that his brother’s right arm was flesh once more.  No one looked twice as the brothers rejoiced in their victory.  In that moment, Roy had become No One.

Swallowing thickly, Roy shifted so his coat covered his front.

“Is there any particular reason you gentlemen are in my office at,” Roy deliberately looked at his watch, using that as an opportunity to further adjust his coat, “0800?”

Alphonse flushed and started detangling himself from his brother, but Edward only grunted and pulled Alphonse onto his lap.  The slender blond yelped; Roy swallowed again.

“We have to talk to you, Bastard,” Edward replied, his voice slow and condescending.  He wrapped deliberately bared arms around Alphonse’s stomach, drawing his brother against him.  After a moment, Alphonse sighed in defeat and made himself comfortable.  “We would have left you a note, but . . .”  He glanced at the desk, and Roy reluctantly followed his gaze.  Alphonse hummed sympathetically at his flinch.

“It is important, Sir,” Alphonse earnestly assured him.  Roy glanced at the brothers, and he tightened his coat around himself.  He remembered seeing similar sights immediately after the war when he had sought refuge in whorehouses.  Twins had been a very popular commodity, and with the blond intertwined like that—

“If it actually has your brother up at a decent hour, Alphonse, I can’t help but believe it’s important,” Roy replied drolly.  If nothing else, Fullmetal hated to be up early unless books and/or food were involved.  Fullmetal.  His subordinate and a teenager.  No matter what lows he had sunk to during his career, he had kept some morals.

But it was hard to remember laws concerning pederasty and illegal fraternization when the blond looked at him with such old, willful eyes.  “You’re the last one to talk, Bastard,” Edward scorned.

Roy raised an elegant eyebrow at him, refusing to contemplate why the sight of these two was turning him on.  He had known them since they were children.  He was renowned for his self-control.  And none of this helped loosen his pants.

Did Alphonse have to rest his head against Edward’s shoulder like that?  His head was so close that his every breath ruffled his brother’s long bangs.  His dark blond hair mingled with Edward’s golden braid, and why was Roy noticing things like that?

“I don’t suppose you had the mind to make coffee?” Roy drawled, pulling his gaze away from the tempting picture.  Until today, he had not even thought of the pair as sexual beings.  Concerning Alphonse, well . . . he had been a suit of armor.  Roy wasn’t even sure if the young man knew anything about sex.  As for Edward, the alchemist had been so obsessed with his quest that Roy doubted he even considered sex or anything remotely sexual.  Why now?  Why the sudden shift in perspective now?

Edward’s hand was affectionately rubbing his little brother’s stomach, unknowingly pushing up the loose cotton shirt.  Roy’s breath caught as a slim stomach was revealed, a line of pale hair pointing downwards.

Oh.  That was why.

Edward cleared his throat, and Roy jerked his head up to meet bemused golden eyes.  “I made coffee, you shit.”  His voice was mellower than Roy had expected.  Edward tilted his head to one side, resting his cheek on his brother’s head.  “You should probably get some.”  His lips quirked into a leer.  “Have another . . . long night then?”

“Brother!” Alphonse admonished, pink tinting his cheeks, and Edward laughed again.  Roy swallowed.  He’d always known those brothers were going to be the death of him, but this was ridiculous!

“Perhaps this meeting can wait until I’ve had my coffee then,” Roy suggesting, flinched internally at Edward’s sudden sharp look.  He didn’t like to run, but he knew he had to distance himself from this situation.  Maybe after he had some coffee, the world would be right again.  It had to be.

Edward’s hands stilled on Alphonse’s stomach.  Alphonse’s own hands covered his brother’s.  “Must have been one hell of a night,” Edward commented, his voice half-heartedly snide.  When Roy didn’t rise to the bait (oh hell rise), Edward frowned.  “Fine.  We can wait.  But we’ll be back in here in an hour, so you had better be ready.”

Roy nodded quickly.  An hour.  That should be enough time for the coffee to kick in.  An hour.

The brothers slowly detangled themselves, Alphonse looking worriedly between the two men and Edward staring at Roy.  Roy stared evenly back.

“An hour then, Fullmetal,” he said finally, mentally coaxing the blonds out of the room.

Edward scowled but allowed his brother to grab his hand and lead him from the room.  Roy waited until the sounds of their footsteps faded, and then he quickly strode towards the door and locked it.  Stalking toward the couch, Roy collapsed and hastily tore open his pants.

After this, a cup of coffee.  Edward was right.  It was probably just lack of sleep.  Caffeine would do his body good.

He remembered the sight of Edward’s slim hand against Alphonse’s stomach and wondered what Alphonse’s hand would look like against Edward’s more muscled stomach.

Roy groaned.

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♥ I don't know why I've loved this pairing. Probably the Elricest and RoyEd combined.

*laughs* Roy's a fan of Elricest, too. ^_~

LOL... ah what awkward fantasies.

It's hard to tell if Ed is just completely innocent or if he was teasing Roy deliberately.

Coats are a good thing. *nods*

As for that, well . . . the world may never know.

Oh fuck, be on Touka Koukan please, God, please.

*sparkles* Thanks for the invite!

Liked this very much. The visual of Ed and Al being wrapped around each other is very teasing. <3

*sighs* Doujinshi worthy visuals . . .

Squee! Poor Roy...and like velvet_mace, I'm wondering if Ed is teasing him deliberately or just hasn't caught on yet. And if not, whether he's caught on now and what he's going to do about it...

*^___^* I'll leave that to your imagination.

*grins* I love you. Loved this.

Roy--the answer is simple. DO THEM! As for being easy, well, that's up to you XD; XD; XD;

The is-he-isn't-he Ed innuendos and Roy's discomfort were great. Will there be more? *looks hopeful*

The answer's never simply in that group, especially since Ed's involved. XD

Sorry, but I wasn't planning a continuation of this. ^^;;;;

OMFG. I know why Roy was so turned on!! Jesus, that was so well-written. Your descriptions on Ed and Al so casually intertwined and relaxed were so vivid! Mmmm, this is why my art muse hangs out on LJ reading fanfics. :3

*sighs* Ah, I would love to see some art of this. Right now, all I can coo over is my mental pictures. ^_~ Actually, I would love to see art of these three period. Yum yum.

That...was much more satisfying and interesting and wow than I expected. Very, very nice indeed. :D

Another excellent fic by an excellent author!

Gah. I'm an idiot. I read your fics under Velvet Mace so damn long ago and finally connected the two. You know I have all your Roy/Ed/Al saved, right? I don't know if I hate you or love you right now. Please tell me there will be more of this. I don't even want to know what kinky. twisted, mind fuck my brain will tourture me with.

*sighs* Man, I haven't done anything with velvet mace in years...including talk. That kind of sucks...but did you have our fics mixed up or something? *confused/blonde*

I am now gonna stalk your Journal for the rest of this weekend *muh wa ha ha ha ha*

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